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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More on Expelled UVA-Wise Student Steve Barber

I posted about Steve Barber and his UVA-Wise college experience here. A brief background is Barber was involved in a underground newspaper and most likely was not a favorite with the college staff~

Barber said his last run-in with Juhan concerned the vice chancellor’s attempts to censor an underground newspaper he and some friends distribute on campus.

“Notes from Underground” concerns college politics, with varied topics including the lack of an American flag on campus and the possibility of racism affecting how the SGA handles funds distribution, Barber said.

As for his questionable story, Barber concluded, it’s “just a free speech issue.”(LINK)

Barber turned in a story for his creative class taught by Christopher Scalia, son of Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court Antonin Scalia.

Steve Barber knew his fictional essay about a suicidal student bent on murder would generate quite a buzz within his creative-writing class at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise.
It was the expulsion from school and the weekend spent locked up in a mental health ward for observation that caught the 23-year-old freshman and former U.S. Navy sailor off guard.
The three guns that campus police later report finding in his car while parked in a school lot Feb. 29 didn’t help his cause either.
“I never intended for him [the creative-writing professor] to feel threatened by it. I never intended for the students to feel threatened,” Barber, of Scott County, said by phone Monday(LINK

Jerry From on High is asking us to "Decide For Yourself." That is a tough call. I am sure the college over reacted. Barber is a veteran with good conduct and a concealed carry permit. He had a 3.9 GPA and other than being guilty of being in a drunken stupor and flopping around trying to find his dorm room he seems to have a clean record. He violated school policy, not state law. This is a amazing story so check it out. Barber is blogging here.

Comments on "More on Expelled UVA-Wise Student Steve Barber"


Blogger JTylerBallance said ... (5:37 PM) : 

The administrators at Wise need to be fired, shot and hanged from the courthouse tree. That's is what our Founding Fathers would have done with those scumbags.

These types at Wise are usual the Orwellian know-nothings who have always trampled on the rights of Man. Who would have thought that all it would take is a little post 9/11 hysteria to have these self anointed LIBERAL mouthpieces, trying every trick in their MARXIST book, to muzzle conservative speech. What is it about dissent or other forms of freedom of speech that scares the crap out of them?

Afraid the students will rise-up like you and your hippie generation did?


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