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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Power Plant Supporters Travel to Richmond to speak before The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

With the majority of Wise County residents showing up at meetings and experts testifying to the facts, I feel this deal is done. In Richmond  the supporters outnumbered the moonbats protesters again.

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality heard from dozens of plant supporters. The speakers included Sen Wampler

Wampler pointed out that the state legislature has previously taken the “extraordinary step to vote for this plant because it is in the public interest of the state.” He then asked that the department “follow the law.” He also said the department should consider both sides of the issue then take action “in the most expeditious manner.”

Any delay, he said, would likely result in increased costs that will have to be carried by ratepayers when the plant does go online.

and Sen Phillip Puckett

Puckett told the DEQ that “the project is welcomed by the people of Wise County” and that “public officials have spoken very plainly of their support.”

He reminded the agency that Dominion plans for the plant include proceeding forward with the use of clean coal technology that will meet or exceed any regulations in place today, and that its construction is necessary to meet energy needs across the state and the nation. Further, he said, the plant is being built at the request of the commonwealth of Virginia because the state legislature believes it is in the best interest of Southwest Virginia and the rest of the state.

Puckett also touted the economic benefits of the facility, both during construction and once the plant is in operation.

“This is a win-win for Wise County and for Southwest Virginia,” he said.

Delegates Terry Kilgore and Dan Bowling were also there. Terry Kilgore said

"the plant would give the region an opportunity to stand apart from other areas of the country in advancing clean coal technology. Let us be on the cutting edge and let Virginia be a leader.”

Jerry Kilgore had the best quote of the day when he said

“review the science and not the rhetoric.”

INDEED! I touched on that issue in this post. The DEQ should now issue this permit in a timely fashion. The protesters have had plenty of time to offer up any concrete evidence that this plant is dangerous. They failed. They have said in not so many words that this plant will kill the children, cause birth defects, increase health problems, waste the Clinch River, and lead to the end of times. If they truly believe this I look for them to leave the county when the plant is finally permitted.

This plant economically is the best thing to happen to this county in my lifetime. It will also clean the county of gob piles of waste coal. The tax revenue will help the county address the problems of our aging schools. the coal used will insure many of us in the coal industry can work and provide for our families. My thanks go out to every one who supported this plant. The support was bipartisan from our leaders and that is something we all can be proud of. That does not happen often.

Source-Richmond hearing draws supporters of Wise power plant Published 02/19/2008 By Walter Littrell

Comments on "Power Plant Supporters Travel to Richmond to speak before The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:59 PM) : 

Was interesting to see during the hearing one of the leaders of an opposition group sitting in the back of the room, hook up their laptop to an electrical outlet (powered by coal) while they posted to their organizations blog site reporting live from the hearing. I couldn't help but chuckle at this.


Blogger Isophorone said ... (10:17 PM) : 

These moonbats think you don't need coal or nuclear plants because you can just get power from the plug!


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