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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

John McCain Apologizes for Obama's Name?

The story is everywhere you look. McCain is sooo sorry.....

CINCINNATI (AP) - Republican John McCain quickly denounced the comments of a radio talk show host who while warming up a campaign crowd referred repeatedly to Barack Hussein Obama and called the Democrat a "hack, Chicago-style" politician.(LINK)


CINCINNATI -- In a possible foreshadowing of a potentially bruising general election campaign, a speaker who introduced presidential candidate John McCain at a rally here today accused Barack Obama of sympathizing with "world leaders who want to kill us" and invoked Obama's middle name -- three times calling him "Barack Hussein Obama."(LINK)

McCain apologizes for comments made at a rally? Comments the crowd(or lack of) cheered? The comments by ultra popular radio host Bill Cunningham fall right inline with what many voters believe. It is clear to me John McCain is not interested in those voters. So now a couple choice quotes from my friends at Free Republic.

Wait’ll they debate!

OBAMA: I want to commend Senator McCain for supporting amnesty. It’s a refreshing change from the racists and extremists in his party.

MCCAIN: Thank you, I agree. And I want to apologize to you and millions of Americans for the behavior of those extreme xenophobes. 02/26/2008 2:39:14 PM PST by puroresu

Indeed. Now the truth the McCain folks must accept.

Here is the real SHAME - a crowd of 400 people.

Hussein has 4000 people who wait outside his events because the Stadium inside is full. 02/26/2008 2:42:28 PM PST by The_Republican

I expect many more apologies from the McCain.

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