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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Is Fred Thompson Next?

The Fredheads are exploding on Free Republic.

Ron Paul has beaten Thompson in 3 out of 6 states so far and only has one delegate less than him.

And he doesn’t pretend to be a serious candidate to win.

Meanwhile Thompson was ‘all in’ in Iowa, needing ‘at least a strong third’ to gain momentum. He didn’t get it. Rational onlookers saw his campaign was in dire trouble then.

He was ‘all in’ in South Carolina. His entire campaign was predicated on a win in South Carolina to launch it. As time went on his supporters saw that that wasn’t an option and tried to pretend that second or even a ‘strong third’ would suffice. It wouldn’t have but he didn’t achieve any of those things anyway.

A brokered convention is still more unlikely than likely. If it happens it will involve deals between candidates with large numbers of delegates. It won’t involve everyone suddenly opting for someone who has already been rejected nationwide by the voters.

If Thompson can’t win South Carolina, where can he win?

Meanwhile, if he does choose to limp on, it’s off to Florida and another scrap with Ron Paul for fifth. I don’t think Thompson got in the race to fight with Ron Paul for fifth places. I wouldn’t be amazed if he carried on nominally competing until Super Tuesday, but I think it more likely he’ll call it a day now.~by UKTory

Is Fred next? Watching his speech last night one has to say yes. My readers know that I am not a Fred fan, but I do feel for his supporters. My thoughts are the same as when Fred was first 'Drafted"  He will hurt Duncan Hunter with his star power and name recognition, only to drop out and endorse John McCain. I think I got the first part right. Time will tell on the next two.

If Fred does drop out and endorse McCain, it will go down as one of the biggest disappointments in campaign history. The time and all that money wasted.....I can only dream about what Duncan Hunter would have done with that money and support. I hope I am wrong.

Comments on "Is Fred Thompson Next?"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:52 PM) : 

You don't seem to understand that Ron Paul's libertarian message is only getting a kick start with this primary business. In the convention, libertarian issues will be adopted or the Republican Party will bd destroyed when 10% protest vote 5 Senators and the White House out of the hands of the non-libertarian Republicans.

Ron Paul smashed John McCain and Huckabee in Nevada. Why do you consider a state with more delegates than SC less important?

Oh right. Because the MSM concentrated on South Carolina for no reason other than their desire to promote McCain (the big loser in Nevada).

So please drop the meme that says "if you are competing against Ron Paul, you are not serious".


Anonymous tickedoff2 said ... (6:02 PM) : 

-- "It won’t involve everyone suddenly opting for someone who has already been rejected nationwide by the voters." --

The problem with this sentence is this: There has been NO nationwide rejection by the voters.

There have been 3 primaries and 3 caucuses. Unless I am reading the charts wrong only 1,693,073 have actually voted. That number is about 70,000 less than the entire population of Kansas and we are conceding the nominating process on those figures?

I'm very confused and very disgusted with the whole mess.


Blogger Carl Kilo said ... (10:31 PM) : 

You are not alone my friend.


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