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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Field of Dreams Communities Endorses Jim Gilmore for Senate!

Prepared by Bill Collier, Information Director

Contact Bill via email for details:

After meeting with the Board of Directors for Field of Dreams Communities, Chairman and CEO John Graham announced today that Field of Dreams Communities is endorsing Republican Jim Gilmore in his bid for the US Senate seat in Virginia.

Graham, a 17 year veteran of professional baseball, notes that, “this is an extremely critical time when we have the likes of Harry Reid everyday trying to tie the hands of our troops in the field and Virginia’s other Senator, Jim Webb, who ran as a conservative Democrat, siding with the radical left in aiding Harry Reid’s efforts.”

The Board of Directors in its private meeting today noted that Gilmore’s rival, Mark Warner, is “essentially pulling a ‘Webb’, pretending to run center-right but, like Webb, if he gets to Washington he is likely to become a tool of Harry Reid.”

Many Democrats ran as conservatives in 2006 riding a wave of conservative backlash against the GOP, but when they got to Washington they more or less did as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid told them to do.

Says Graham, “we will, as a community, do everything in our power to make people understand that a vote for Mark Warner is a vote for the likes of Jim Webb who lied about his conservative credentials and Harry Reid, the man who Jim Webb REALLY serves.”

Jim Gilmore has a lot to recommend him, from his staunch honesty to his proven conservativism (social, fiscal, and foreign policy) and deserves your support, according to John Graham.

In a statement, Graham said, ’the Field of Dreams Communities feels very strongly that a loss in Virginia will have terrible effects for our whole nation and urges all members of Field of Dreams Communities to send money and give whatever support they can to the Gilmore campaign.”

Another great endorsement for Gilmore. As I said - The momentum is growing!

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