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Monday, December 03, 2007

Marine Veteran’s Blog - A Letter

From a Marine Veteran's Blog

Dear Friend,

I am writing to you today, because this is a very pivotal time in the History of our country. We are at a point in time when the division among Americans has never been greater.

Our Country is at a crossroad, there are forces at work that would have this great nation pushed down the road to the serfdom of socialism, a headless monster that enslaves each and every person to each other, with some “intellectual elite” pulling the strings. By promising “National Health Care” , and a host of other entitlement programs, a lot of Americans are being seduced, seduced into believing that the democratic party is going to carry them from cradle to grave, without any thought of the consequences of their actions, or without making even the slightest attempt to strike a deal with those who perform Health Care and other services. One would think that the lessons learned by the Canadian, and English systems would be enough to teach the world a lesson, but the democrats will not even mention what a disaster they have proven to be to both the Canadians and British peoples.

We are also a country at war, with the threat of Islamo-fascism working in 60 different countries around the world. A threat which is saying to the world, Submit to us or die. The democrats would have us believe that all that needs to be done is to enter into some ‘dialogue’ with the Islamo-fascists, and somehow we could reach some agreement with them, and that they would allow us to go on living in peace, if we would return the favor.

The problem is, that the Islamo-fascists HAVE begun a dialogue with us, and have spoken quite directly to us. Their message is unchanging, Submit to our brand of radical Islam, or die. They are not looking for any kind of truce, or agreement, and they have repeated this so many times that there can be no doubt as to their intentions.

There also can be no doubt that they are willing to die, and to sacrifice as many of their people, including women and children, as necessary to accomplish this goal. This war on terror must be met with a strong force, and measures that will insure that America, and the world is free of this threat, that the seeds of Liberty planted here in America long ago, now get spread to the rest of the world. Our failure to do this in the past, and our penchant to ignore the threat that grew in the Middle East until now, brought us the events of 9-11-01, and the attacks that have been made across the world. One needs only to listen to the videos made by the likes of Osama Bin Laden, and Ahmadinejad of Iran, to understand that they mean business. They have no illusions about what they are doing, and the democrats failure to respond in kind is dangerous.

This war on terror demands from us that we close our borders. It is almost an International joke, that anyone who wishes to sneak into the USA , need only find their way to Mexico first, our southern border is wide open, and one needs only to walk across it, to gain access to the USA, for whatever purpose they have in mind.

My Friend, there is only one candidate in the current crop of presidential hopefuls that will address these issues with the seriousness that they need, and that candidate’s name is Duncan Hunter.

Duncan has stated quite clearly that he will close that border in 180 days, if elected. He will take quite seriously this war on terror, because he understands the implications of it, Implications that will affect our children, and grandchildren for generations to come, unless we act now. Waiting for the terrorists to become strong enough to do real damage to this country, is certainly not an option. Yet the democrats would give them all the time they need, while they engage in ‘diplomacy” which the terrorist will certainly use for cover, while gaining strength, and weapons.

The democrats are also out to reverse the hard fought for Tax Cuts that we gained under the Bush Administration. They claim that by reversing these cuts, they will be able to pay for all of their entitlement programs. The problem is, they are acting as if the economy, (built by these tax cuts), will just continue to grow and prosper even though they are well aware that to reverse them will damage the economy, and once again, cause a concentrated push for those most taxed, to take their jobs and their wealth overseas.

Duncan Hunter is fully aware that further tax cuts are needed, and is supporting the Fair Tax Initiative. He understands that a repressive tax system, that penalizes prosperity, is a total disincentive for prosperity, and leads our best and brightest to develop their ideas, and there goods and services overseas, instead of here at home. It is absolutely Insane that an American Businessman can get a better Tax deal from the Communist Chinese, than from the US Government here at home. It is almost no wonder that many of our best paying jobs have left this country, along with the benefits of the wealth created by them. The Fair Tax, (see here> ) will ensure that Americans with good ideas, and the financiers who help them get started, will start their ideas here, and keep them here. Duncan Hunter is all for this, and will work hard to see it come about.

Duncan Hunter is also addressing the inequalities in our trade with other nations. Too many other nations are allowed to export their goods here, without allowing us to export many of our goods there. Duncan’s “mirror Trade policy” ( ) is the best way to cure these inequalities.

There is not a single Issue concerning Americans today, that Duncan Hunter is not addressing correctly. I am sure he will work with the necessary vigor, and relentlessly, to insure a safe, secure and prosperous future for The United States of America.

My Friend, I am urging you to go to Duncan’s website,
and go through it from stem to stern. Please take your time, and see where he stands on all of the issues’ I am sure will see, as I have, that he is far and away the best candidate for President of the United States of America.
I am also urging you, that if possible that you make some donation t his campaign, no matter how much you can afford, a little bit of money from a whole lot of people will make a huge difference in the amount of people that get his message.

I am also urging you to copy and paste this letter, and send it to everyone in your email address book. The way I see it, if a loon like Howard Dean can make a huge impact because of the internet, an honest and upright man like Duncan Hunter can go all the way to the top, and that is where this country needs him.

Thank you for your support
Mark Belcher

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