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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Jim Gilmore Campaign Promises

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I held off posting about this to hear what Chris Saxman and Peter Pace had to say. Saxman chose not to run and not a peep has been heard from Peter Pace. I proudly support Jim Gilmore for the Senate! There are many reasons I support Gilmore over Mark Warner. I will be posting often comparing Gilmore's record to Warner. Since both candidates are former governors, looking at their records is a good place to start. Campaign promises mean a lot to me. When Jim Gilmore ran for governor he promised 4000 new teachers, lower college tuition, tax relief...He performed

As Governor, Gilmore kept his campaign promises in both areas including hiring 4000 new teachers to reduce class sizes, reducing college tuition, implementing stronger educational standards, and for the first time ensuring all lottery profits went to education.
He also signed into law five different tax cuts for Virginians totaling $1.5 billion. Time and again, Gilmore stood his ground against those who wanted to raise revenue by increasing taxes. In doing so he earned the admiration of Virginia citizens and three times was awarded the “Friend of the Taxpayer Award” by Americans for Tax Reform. Looking to the future of the state’s economy, Gilmore created the nation’s first cabinet level Department of Technology launching Virginia into the Technology Age as “the Digital Dominion.”(LINK)

A solid record indeed. His opponent Mark Warner also made some promises.

"I will not raise taxes." - Candidate Mark Warner, October 10, 2001.

“What I believe the people of Virginia want is they want people who are going to keep their promises.” - Governor Mark Warner, March 25, 2003.

"Warner Opens Session With Call to Raise Taxes" - Frontpage Article Headline, Washington Post, January 15, 2004.

We all know what happened next. The largest tax increase in Virginia history. Looking at the past campaign promises made and the actual record of promises kept, my vote goes to Jim Gilmore. His conservative leadership is needed more than ever in Washington DC. I encourage to check out Gilmore for Senate. They have a first rate media operation already in place so sign up and support Jim Gilmore for Senate. Let Mark Warner know that lying about raising taxes will not be accepted.


Comments on "Jim Gilmore Campaign Promises"


Blogger Little David said ... (9:08 PM) : 


I look forward to a run for the Senate by Jim Gilmore.

First, let me identify myself. I describe myself as an independent, moderate voter/citizen of Virginia who has been leaning towards voting for Democrats here of late.

Having said that, let me further state that if John Warner had sought another term in office, my vote for him was almost guaranteed.

Enough about me, and now about the candidates. Out of the starting gate, I must say that I lean towards Mark Warner for the seat. However I do not desire for Mark to walk into the seat unopposed. It is my desire for the Republicans to nominate someone who can give him spirited opposition from someone who I respect and would consider voting for. Jim Gilmore is such a person. With an exploration of the issues, Jim might even capture my vote.

Mark Warner has the early lead in the opinion polls, however Jim Gilmore is the candidate who might be able to appeal to informed citizens and overcome the early lead.

Too bad Virginia is not allowed three Senators. I'd like to elect BOTH Mark Warner and Jim Gilmore. Something tells me the other states in the Union would object to my solution - Grin.


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