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Friday, December 28, 2007

Duncan Hunter for president! - Joseph Farah

World Net News leader and former Tancredo supporter has seen the light! Read his endorsement here. An excerpt-

"Therefore, today I make a new, personal endorsement for the Republican nomination – Duncan Hunter.

I do so with no hesitancy. I do so with great enthusiasm.

In fact, I have previously made it clear just how much admiration and respect I have for Hunter.

He's my guy because on all the major issues facing this country, Hunter is right. And he is a proven leader who gets the job done."

  • Illegal immigration and border security: Duncan Hunter takes a backseat to no one on this issue – not even Tom Tancredo. He took the initiative long ago to protect the citizens of his own San Diego area by building a virtually impenetrable fence that has cut down human trafficking in the area by nearly 100 percent.
  • Threat of Islamo-fascism: Hunter recognizes the gravity of the war in which America finds itself, whether we like it or not. Hunter has a strong military background and would make an effective leader in a conflict that will not go away unless we destroy the enemy.
  • Our cultural meltdown: Hunter rejects the madness of political correctness and multiculturalism that is ripping America apart at the seams. He is a man of God who will stand for what is morally right no matter the consequences.
  • The economy: Duncan Hunter will fight the mindless globalization that is destroying jobs in America and transferring them abroad – bringing in return cheap goods that are often unsafe and little more than junk. He will also cut taxes and revamp the unfair and highly intrusive tax system – both of which will stimulate the American economy.
  • Matters of life and death: Hunter is steadfastly and consistently pro-life – at both ends of the life spectrum.

"There is much more to say about his excellent record and his fearless championing of all that is good and decent about America.

The point is this: We don't have to settle for less. We don't have to settle for an imitation of the real thing. We don't have to settle for someone who is right most of the time.

Duncan Hunter is the real deal.

Support him now – so we don't have to compromise later."

Indeed. We have Ann Coulter and Mike Reagan talking about Duncan Hunter daily. Farah's last line sums it up for me. I will not not compromise on the candidate this time. I support the man with this best record and that is Duncan Hunter. The GOP can pander to me all they want, but it falls on deaf ears. I am tired of being betrayed by RINO candidates with no record. I am mad. I have been betrayed the last time and I am not alone.

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