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Friday, October 19, 2007

RedStorm PAC out raises Raising Kaine PAC

RedStorm was only online for a couple weeks last quarter and it out raised ($891 to $826) the Raising Kaine PAC! Riley writes that since Oct1, RedStorm has  "has raised another $5K online."

Visit the RedStorm page here. My left sidebar has candidates and contribute buttons like this one.  Use it.

Organization in United States of America

Q: What is RedStormPAC?
RedStormPAC is an independent political action committee (PAC) whose mission is to support conservative candidates with an avenue for small dollar donations, organized by committed conservative activists who want to help fellow conservatives utilize the “long tail” of online fundraising.

Q: Where does my contribution go?
100% of every contribution is passed directly to the candidate or organization. You donate $100, the candidate will get $100.  Best of all, the cause gets $100, and RedStormPAC processes the transaction at-cost to itself.

Q: Wow. So RedStormPAC doesn’t keep a portion of my contribution?
Not a dime.  This is what separates us from online fundraising organizations and tools. RedStormPAC passes 100% of an activist’s contribution to a candidate or organization. All costs incurred by the transaction are paid by RedStormPAC. So no more transaction fees, no risk of making some consultant wealthy with your hard work. We’re here to advance the cause, not fatten a checkbook (unless it’s yours).

Q: So RedStormPAC is free?

Q: Then how is RedStormPAC able to keep the doors open?
Through donations directly to RedStormPAC, either through tips volunteered, or through generous donors willing to keep this system afloat. No one is “getting rich” at RedStormPAC — rather, we’re helping conservative candidates and organizations. Which is what we’re all about.

Q: If I contributed directly to RedStormPAC, how will you spend it?
RedStormPAC will use your donation to cover transaction fees, underpay a small staff, and conserve every red cent you give us as if it were our own.

Q: How can I contact RedStormPAC directly?
For questions about RedStormPAC, including media inquiries, please contact

Comments on "RedStorm PAC out raises Raising Kaine PAC"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:24 PM) : 

We spanked 'em good in Va. and beat them convincingly in Ohio.


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