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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Conservative Leadership Conference Straw Poll - Duncan Hunter has a strong showing! Fred...Fred....Hey Fred

Interesting results from the CLC Straw Poll.

Ron Paul-32.80%

Mitt Romney-16.13%

Duncan Hunter-14.52%


Fred Thompson-7.53%

Rudy Giuliani-6.45%

Alan Keyes-3.76%

Mike Huckabee-3.23%

Tom Tancredo-1.61%

John McCain-1.08%


Sam Brownback-0.54%

The Ron Paul activist fringe was very strong. The big news is Duncan is only one point behind Big Money Mitt! Duncan pulled in twice the votes as Fred Thompson.  I am not surprised. Fred and Huckabee are the big losers in this. Huckabee was beaten by Keyes and no one can argue that Fred's numbers are disappointing since he was the so called conservative savior. If anything, this poll shows that is becoming false.

This is a great another great showing for Duncan. Is he gaining momentum? Alpha Patriot has his CLC speech online here. He writes:

"After listening to him speak, I will say that I would probably be very comfortable in voting for this man. If the MSM ever gives him any press at all, he might just break out into the lead."

Indeed. Captain Ed writes:

"Hunter is an impressive speaker. If he had run from the Senate, or especially from a governor's seat, he would have probably been the flat-out frontrunner. He is the rare case of a Representative who should be taken seriously as a presidential candidate. It doesn't appear that will be in the cards in this race, but Hunter would make an excellent VP candidate for any of the frontrunners, if he can't get to the top of the ticket himself."

Duncan has won the Texas and Arizona Straw Polls. He was statistically tied for first in South Carolina. He has accomplished this with pressing the flesh campaigning and very little money. One Free Republic member has been taking notes. David Osborne writes:

As of this writing, the FR polls have made a dramatic shift toward Duncan Hunter and away from Fred Thompson. In fact Fred Thompson’s numbers have been in steady decline since the Michigan Debate. This phenomena is not just on, but other conservative web forums as well. Look for this trend to continue as we get deeper into the campaign season.

In conclusion, it appears to me that as more conservatives start to take a serious look at the candidates in the race, Duncan Hunter seems to be gaining momentum, it is my sincere hope that this trend continues into the primary, and that folk stop the “Duncan Hunter can’t win rhetoric.

You should read all of Osborne's post here. The change is coming as people begin to research candidates in depth as the primary season heats up. Many people who thought Fred would topple the field are now witnessing what many of us that remember him already knew - Fred's record is lacking. People are wising up to the "Duncan cant win" rhetoric. I have some strong democrats here who will cast a vote for Duncan if nominated. Why? His pro military and fair trade platform appeals to both sides. One last quote from Osborne's post:

It is my sincere humble opinion, that Duncan Hunter is MOST qualified to wear the “Commander in Chief hat” in 2008 and on into the foreseeable future. No other candidate in the race on either side of aisle comes even close to his qualifications.

Having said that; It is very frustrating to me that so many folks out there who KNOW in their heart that Duncan Hunter is the right man at the right time are buying into the notion that Duncan Hunter “can’t win”. They seem to suggest that no matter how qualified Duncan Hunter is, if the MEDIA says he can’t win, then it must be true. Some have even suggested that it’s all about “NAME RECOGNITION”. If you have not heard this excuse yet, then you just are not paying close attention to the primary race. If these well meaning conservatives would quit spouting this garbage, the “name recognition” factor would be dramatically reduced. In my research I have found that many of the folks who say that “Duncan Hunter can’t win” are the folks who have already committed to supporting another candidate. This is a clear indication to me that it simply is NOT TRUE, but rather a campaign slogan for the “other guy”.

I have said it for months-I will not give up my core beliefs to support a candidate because the media and money says he can win. I will support Duncan Hunter. The true Conservative in this race. "No other candidate in the race on either side of aisle comes even close to his qualifications."

Comments on "Conservative Leadership Conference Straw Poll - Duncan Hunter has a strong showing! Fred...Fred....Hey Fred"


Blogger Jim Lundberg said ... (1:28 PM) : 

WTF. Ron Paul wins a straw poll by a landslide and all you can do is say that it was won by a "fringe" group? How can we take you seriously if you don't even report on what is actually happening in this country.


Anonymous MrRezister said ... (8:01 AM) : 

That is awesome! Go Paul! Go "activist fringe"! Where was Hunter's "activist fringe"? Or Romney's? Or Guiliani's? Amazing how Paul's "fringe activists" still manage to put more votes in the box than any of the other candidates "perfectly normal and mainstream" voters, huh?


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