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Monday, August 13, 2007

Duncan Hunter on Free Republic - Duncan is the Man!

I missed this. I don't visit Free Republic much anymore since I was banned for asking a couple questions...Anyway, Duncan did a Q&A there today. This my friends is Duncan Hunter at his finest. I want to print a few of my favorites here.

#4. You worked, as I understand it, as a public interest lawyer helping Mexican immigrants for free with their legal needs in California when you started out in a legal career. Is this correct and can you explain how this informs your current views on immigration?

Hunter: When I got out of the Army in ’71, I farmed in Idaho for a year and moved to San Diego because they had a law school I could get into without a college degree. After passing the bar in 1976, I set up my office in the Barrio of San Diego, near the waterfront. During that time I helped lots of folks in the Hispanic community, often without reimbursement. I wasn’t reimbursed by any federal program. During this time I gained the insight that the Hispanic community in the U.S. is not aided by open borders, but rather their wages are the first to be lowered when cheap illegal labor flows across the border.

#5. What is your position on homeschooling? Please elaborate. And how do you plan to reign in the bloated Department of Education?

Hunter: I like homeschooling because it offers a clear choice for parents who want to impart values and knowledge to their children. I would substantially cut the bureaucracy in the Department of Education, top to bottom.

#8. Representative Hunter, you have extremely good conservative positions on social policies, defense, and immigration. However, some fiscal conservatives on Free Republic are worried that you won’t do enough to cut the size of government. Could you please list some government programs and/or agencies that you consider wasteful and would cut? Or, in the alternative, could you please explain what policies you would support to cut the size of government?

Hunter: I would eliminate such programs as National Endowment for the Arts and dozens of programs identified in the Bush Administration’s “cut list.” (These include programs from HUD, the Departments of Justice, Labor, Energy, Agriculture, Commerce, Transportation, Interior,

HHS, DHS, and the EPA). Additionally, I would freeze discretionary non-defense spending, while increasing defense spending to a point between 4.5% and 5% of the GDP.

#10. Do you, Congressman Hunter, think it is important to keep God in public view? If so/not, why?

Hunter: God is in public view every time we review the Declaration of Independence and every time we exercise the inalienable rights given us by God, not government. We should be as willing to acknowledge God in the public forum as was George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

There is a Fred Thompson question and many others. Check it out!

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