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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Emmett Hanger – Smoking Grass

With the revelations about Sen Hanger's flaming statements about the grass roots it is no wonder this is happening. He was quoted in the New Dominion as saying:

"I think they’re [elected officials] more significant than the members of local parties [volunteers] who find themselves in offices at any particular point in time - because those are somewhat thankless jobs that we kind of hand over to anybody who says they want them.

The flames of statements like those along with his pro tax record have the grass root workers smoldering. The endorsements are rolling in for Scott Sayre! Chris writes that 6 of 9 unit chairs endorse Scott Sayre!

  • Dr. Kurt Michael, Chairman Augusta County

  • Chris Darden, Chairman Waynesboro City

  • Anne Taetzsch, Chairwoman Staunton City

  • Mike Meredith, Chairman Rockingham County

  • Keith Drake, Chairman Albemarle County

  • David Kiser, Chairman Highland County

Also endorsing Sayre

  • Tom Wright, Rockbridge Executive Committee Member

  • Elinor Wright, Rockbridge Executive Committee Member

  • General Bruce Grover, Vice Chairman Staunton City

  • Alex Davis, Secretary Staunton City

  • Joyce Sikes, Vice Chairwoman Augusta County (Also Chair Wayne Magisterial District)

  • Tom Nelson, Vice Chairman Augusta County (Also Chair Riverheads Magisterial District)

  • Lynn Mitchell, Vice Chairwoman Augusta County (also Chair Pastures Magisterial District)

  • Chris Green, Secretary Augusta County (Also Chair Beverly Manor Magisterial District)

  • Steve Kijak, Chairman of South River Magisterial District

  • Barb Tillet, Chairman of Middle River Magisterial District

  • Rhonda Winfield, Augusta County Republican Committee

  • Frank Demko, Treasurer Greene County Republican Committee

  • Bernie Greer, Albemarle Republican Committee

  • Ruth Ann Herring, Rockbridge Republican Executive Committee

I would guess Andrew Clem and H'burg news have NO doubts as to where the grass root leaders support is going to about now. That is 6 unit chairs, 4 vice chairs, 2 secretaries, and 7 other committee members endorsing Sayre over the incumbent. The Hanger supporters are screaming here.

Swac Girl has some quotes.

Be sure to check out Bloggers4Sayre .

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