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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Debate

Duncan Hunter gave solid answers last night. I do wish more time was directed at him instead of the so called Rudy McRomney show. No one was attacking Duncan's record! Heh. His views on immigration and border security are in line with mine. His view on trade and how America has lost the Arsenal of Democracy is the issue that gives him across the aisle appeal. He did well and I am proud to support him.

Rudy was flat. The fire was lit by Ron Paul and in my opinion that saved Rudy. Other than that Rudy was nailed as a flip flopper.

Mitt-Of the big three I thought he did the best. He was nailed as a flip flopper also but was the best at convincing me he has changed his views. He had polished responses and did not back away from McCain. Am I a Romney fan? Nope, not yet. I can see why a lot of people like him though.

McCain-To me he was the biggest loser. Nailed on McCain Feingold and McCain Kennedy the best reply he could give was I was trying to be bipartisan. The question about the ticking bomb was revealing to me. To what means would you go to protect American lives? Everything should have been the global answer. Water boarding indeed. I say pull some short hairs if that is what it takes. Get medieval on their ass. Protecting the people is the primary job. Protect by all means necessary.

Huckabee looked good last night. I agree with a lot he said, but his immigration views are weak. When hit with the fact that he had raised taxes his “the people wanted this” was strong. He was also quick to point out that while no child left behind was not perfect it had helped education in his state.

Gilmore did not mention the car tax. He did ok, but nothing to set himself out. Maybe his blog info will work?

Thompson is just to dang ugly to be president. I could not concentrate on anything he had to say because he is just that ugly. We called it “fugly” in high school.

Brownback did better than last time. He played the united we stand card. Like the Huck, I agree with a lot of what he is saying. His immigration views are also weak.

Tancredo did better this time but he still struggled. He was much better in the after debate interview.

Ron Paul-Well he is Ron Paul..shaky voice and he looks scared to me. Rudy should buy his dinner for a month.

There you have it folks. Of the big three McCain was the loser. Rudy stayed even and Romney was the winner. My man Duncan looked very good as did Huckabee. I think those two benefited from the debate last night.

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