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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Jack Reid and Jim Webb – Hypocrisy?

Lets look at few posts and comments from the left about Jack Reid and guns.

"lawmakers should immediately change the law and ban guns from the state Capitol and other buildings at Capitol Square before someone gets hurt or killed." - The Howler.

This is about someone's personal integrity. Posted by: Brian Patton

"Dave, I'm not just a gun owner, I'm an advocate of gun ownership. I think part of being a responsible citizen is knowing how to use guns safely and, for many people, owning one." - Waldo.

"James, I don't think this is a partisan issue." Posted by: Not Larry Sabato.

"as a result of his negligence and lies, Delegate Jack Reid must resign or be removed from office." James Martin.

Follow the links to put this in context.

And lets look at Lowell Feld

Still, why on earth does Reid feel the need to "regularly [bring] his gun to the legislative session?" Here are a few theories:

1) He's secretly afraid of all those "girly men" liberals in the House of Delegates.
2) He wants to be prepared to defend the Capitol in case a bunch of enraged homosexuals storm the building.
3) He's worried that some day, inevitably, Bob Marshall will "go postal," and he wants to be ready.
4) He would hate to be left out of the action when the anti-immigrant "Minutemen" show up and decide to form a posse.
5) He only got an 83% positive rating from the National Rifle Association in 2005 and he wants to up his score to 100%.
Whatever the reason, Reid ended up apologizing, saying that "everyone has a right to feel safe here." Which is interesting, because I thought the argument made by gun enthusiasts is that more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens - let alone lawmakers themselves! - actually make people SAFER.

I wonder if these comments and posts apply to Sen Webb also. How much safer are people when Sen Webb does not secure his weapon Lowell? In both cases no one was hurt. Both incidents happened on State or Federal property. Both were instances of negligence and poor safety practices. The main difference is Reid accepted his responsibility and Sen Webb ....Well you know the story. No charges filed in Reid case. Man facing a felony charge with Webb's gun. Jack Reid stood up, Sen Webb squats.

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