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Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Virginia Blog Carnival

I am privileged to again host the VBC. I want to thank the submitters for their time and the quality of their work.

Lance Corporal Daniel Todd Morris, United States Marine Corps, 1987 – 2007. This brave young man returned to his homeland of Augusta County this week. The community honored the fallen hero. The following posts by the SWAC bloggers are very inspirational.

SWAC Girl has her tribute here. My friend Chris at Spank that Donkey has his excellent post - God, Country, Corps. John Maxfield at The Journal of the Civilized Man has LnCpl. Daniel T. Morris is Laid to Rest. "He was a young Augusta County Republican...even though he was never able to vote..."....Very powerful. Elle at In-Politically Correct has Thank You Lance Cpl Daniel Morris. We should never forget we are at war or the sacrifice these brave men and women are making. The video here tells the story, and as this picture shows, our loved ones serving there do understand.

On a related note, this Marine Recruiter makes a stand! Did you know recruiting is at a 9 year high for the active force and a 13 year high for reserves? Read about that at Conservative Mensan.

The argument to blog anonymous got stronger this week. The Red Stater thinks so with this post that soon became scary to say the least. The Ward View also covered this attack here and here. It has been noticed the lefty blogs have remained silent on this attack.

To be fair and balanced, I will add that Spank That Donkey has been accused of being a Cyber Stalking Bully by Slantblogs FT Rea. I just linked it...You be the judge.

Leslie Carbone remembers the "Miracle on Ice" that happened 27 years ago. What a great day!

Adam of Sophistpundit submits Science as the Division of Labor. Adam writes “I give you two ideas in Economic thought: the division of labor, and opportunity cost.” Thank you for participating Adam!

Kat of Cathouse Chat is Quilt blogging. Those of us who know Kat realize she is in heaven on earth attending this show.

Ben at Not Larry Sabato has Dirty Dozen- State Senate- Edition 2. Click over and join in on the discussion.

ImNotEmeril has Class Clown Now Holds Leadership Position.
Badrose chimes in with FREAKING NEWS: Ward Armstrong new House minority leader. These two bloggers in Ward Armstrong's district are not happy.

The Word this week was Transportation. I will finish out this carnival with some links to blog posts about the Transportation plan.

Deo Vindice has this and this. The Right Wing Liberal has his thoughts here. The Mason Conservative wonders about Tim Kaine, so does SwxSE. Virginia Virtucon has the press releases from Bill Bolling and others. Jerry - From on High weighs in with Showdown.

My pick this week is Hans Mast who was featured in The Washington Post. Way to go Hans!

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