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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Slapped with reality, Waldo threatens to take his ball and go home.

Updated links at end of post.

The story is that Waldo banned GGD from the Virginia Political Blogs page for this post. Waldo was offended at the images and GGD's cry for dialog. GGD writes:

This is no game. We need open and honest dialog about Islam and terrorism.”

The polls I linked to here show that GGD is not alone in his thinking. Waldo calls the post “pornography.” That is really stretching it. Is this picture from the Holocaust pornography?

Will I be banned also? Waldo has no problem linking a picture of a Dead Baby. Are we really seeing objective editing or partisanship? The Dog slapped us with reality, just like pictures of the holocaust and dead babies. It is clear Waldo is only offended by the right leaning blogs. Of course prophylactic poster boy FT Rea jumps in defending Waldo. You remember FT Rea the Macaca shirt salesman. The one who called everyone who questioned Jim Webb's pornographic lines “book burners and knuckle draggers.” The champion of free speech! Amazing stuff guys.

The VPB site is owned by Waldo. He can do with it as he pleases. He should change the name to Waldo's Selective Political Blogs-What I think you should see. Because just like Bill O'Reilly, Waldo is looking out for you.

Others blogging about this

Alton makes it clear with Blogging Guidelines For Virginia Political Bloggers. Alton did some good research!

Renaissance Ruminations is asking Where’s the Line? From on High has For the life of me. Cathouse Chat has Kat posting Overreact, much? SWAC Girl unleashes Waldo Censors the Dog.

UCV has Political Porn Or Reality Check? The Red Stater has Goode, Democrats, and Muslims. Check out the posts on The Journal of the Common Man. Bearing Drift has Squeaky's thoughts.

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