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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sam Brownback - A Reagan Republican and a clear, consistent, and conservative voice

The Mason Conservative has a good post about Brownback here. The USA Today had a good article about him back in July titled Will Christian right embrace - and support - one of its own? A few lines from the piece:

Big issues like ending abortion, banning same-sex marriage, battling indecency on TV and refusing to fund embryonic stem cell research fuel Brownback's long-shot hopes for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008. Most Americans have never heard of him, but the conservative Christian leaders who play a critical role in the GOP take him seriously.

After delivering what they see as the decisive votes to elect and re-elect George W. Bush, they grumble that social conservatives haven't gotten all they deserved on the issues that matter most to them, especially the campaign for a constitutional amendment to bar gay marriage.

The question for them next time: Support a candidate who has a good shot of winning but a short history on their core issues? Or back a true believer who faces a steep uphill fight?

Time will answer that question. His bio is refreshing. A man with a farming heritage in the heartland of America that supports

Saving and reforming Social Security for current and future generations;

Providing tax relief to working families through ending the marriage penalty and providing marginal tax rate reductions;

Reforming and streamlining the way the federal government does business;

Making the federal tax code flatter, simpler and fairer;

Fighting to protect the most vulnerable in our society: the unborn, the weak, the elderly, and the disabled;

Ensuring that America continues an aggressive war on terror;

Guarding against the erosion of our freedoms and right to govern ourselves. Read more about that here.

Like the MC, I have my doubts as to his electability. While I could support him wholeheartedly, I don't know if the electorate would follow. I do hope Brownback's views make some waves in the upcoming campaign. He will need a strong John Tester type grass roots to be successful. If this man gains the full support of the Christian right he will make some serious waves. Something to think about.

Senator Sam Brownback's Web page is here. His coalition page is here. Pro gun, flat tax...I like what he is selling.Check out Brownback in the News.

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