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Monday, October 02, 2006

The VBC and other things....

The Virginia Blog Carnival is up at Cathouse Chat.

Rasmussen Poll time....coming soon! Heh Oh wait...It is out! Allen Leading 49-43! And all the Webbites say?

Sen Allen on Statewide TV tonight! Tune In.

Senator Allen has run every campaign that he has been in focusing on the issues that Virginians care about. Over the years you have often heard him say, "Issues Matter." Well, issues and ideas do matter.

Democrats know when this race is about his record, issues, and ideas George Allen wins. That's why they are attacking him and attacking him fiercely.

Senator Allen believes Virginians deserve to have this campaign focused on the issues and the differences between his views and record of performance and those of James Webb. So, he is going to bring this campaign back to where it belongs.

On Monday evening, Senator Allen will be giving a major address to Virginians on statewide television. This two-minute talk will be a defining moment in this campaign. In the days to come, you will hear Senator Allen, Susan Allen and thousands of concerned Virginians reminding Virginia voters of what is important in deciding their vote:

As Governor George Allen put Virginia on the cutting edge of reform:

Elected by the largest landslide in modern Virginia history

Left office as one of the five most popular Governors in country

Ground breaking reformer with a strong record of accomplishments:

Reformed welfare

Abolished parole for violent felons

Developed strong educational standards

Economic development and revitalization, including the high tech sector

Brought more than 312,000 net new jobs and over $14 billion in new investment to Virginia

As he has in all his past campaigns George Allen is focused on ideas:

Making America globally competitive in math, science, and technology, and incenting young people and teachers to enter those key fields

Comprehensive energy plan that will make us less dependent of foreign oil

Economic prosperity - reducing the tax burden on working families including making the current tax relief permanent which would eliminate the marriage penalty tax, eliminate the death tax and continue the $1,000 child tax credit.

Because this statewide address will mark a turning point in the campaign, it is important that as many people as possible tune in to see it. Please forward this e-mail message to your own lists, whether political or personal. Please contact as many supporters, friends and even undecided voters as you can between now and Monday evening. Urge them to tune in and listen as Senator Allen speaks directly to Virginians about what really matters in this campaign.

Here are the stations and approximate viewing times tomorrow evening:

NOVA: WRC-TV - 7:58pm Between "Access Hollywood" and "Deal or No Deal"
RICHMOND: WRIC-TV - 7:58pm Between "Jeopardy" and "Wife Swap" ROANOKE: WDBJ-TV - 7:58pm Between "Wheel of Fortune" and "How I met your Mother"
NORFOLK: WAVY-TV - 7:58pm Between "Access Hollywood" and "Deal or No Deal"

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