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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Raising Kaines Monkey Fest

There is a Republican Ethnic Rally at Edison High School in Alexandria this Saturday. Raising Kaine has called for protesters to turn this into a "Monkey Fest" Disgusting antics indeed. Paid Jim Webb mouthpiece Lowell Feld had this to say about the Ethnic Rally.

A Republican "ethnic rally"

Here are a few ethnicities it might include:






*French (including French Tunisian pieds noirs?)





Did I miss any? Ha.

by: Lowell @ Thu Sep 07, 2006 at 04:45:01 AM MDT

[ Parent ]

We can see the racial accusation in his comment. Read the the entire post. The organizers of this ethnic rally have sent the following letter.

Dear Mr. Webb:

As you may know, this Saturday, September 9th, the Fairfax County GOP is holding an Ethnic Rally at Edison High School in Alexandria . We are greatly looking forward to the opportunity to celebrate our diverse cultures at this family event.

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that paid members of your campaign are openly mocking our rally and advocating its disruption on the Raising Kaine website, run by two of your staffers, Lowell Feld and Josh Chernila. One of the posts this morning on Raising Kaine reads, "I expect to see people there who belong to one ethnic group, all dressed in ethnic clothing, speaking the same ethnic language with the same ethnic hairdo." To date, this offensive post has only received positive feedback on the website.

In addition, Lowell Feld of your campaign suggests on Raising Kaine that those in attendance at the event Saturday will be White, Caucasian, Anglo, Saxon, Celtic, French, English, German, Irish, Scots-Irish. We resent this statement and its implication that only Caucasians would attend a Republican rally. While all these groups will be present and welcome Saturday, our rally will also include Afghan Americans, African Americans, Bolivian Americans, Chinese Americans, Colombian Americans, Cuban Americans, Filipino Americans, Indian Americans, Iranian Americans, Korean Americans, Pakistani Americans, Peruvian Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, Salvadoran Americans, Taiwanese Americans, Vietnamese Americans and more.

We are hardworking Americans, devoting part of our weekend to celebrate our diversity and shared principles and support our candidate for the U.S. Senate, George Allen. For paid members of your staff to denigrate our gathering and attempt to disrupt and demean our rally is wrong. We ask that you condemn the mean-spirited actions of your campaign staff and ensure that they do not continue this inappropriate behavior. This is no way to conduct a Senate campaign.


Puneet Ahluwalia

Indian American community

8230 Boone Blvd., 2nd Floor

Vienna, VA 22182

Harold Pyon

Korean American community

Dr. Rene Alvir

Filipino American community

8711 Pappas Way

Annandale, VA 22003

Raul Danny Vargas

Hispanic American community

Jim Webb and his staff have been called out by the organizers of this rally. The race baiting foolishness of the Webb campaign has offended many people. It is time for Candidate Webb to stop hiding and address his paid staffers and their actions. I am also curious about how many lefty blogs will condemn this? Will this get a toupee alert? Will the press represent these organizers and their feelings?

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