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Monday, July 24, 2006

The Virginia Blog Carnival

The Virginia Blog Carnival.

Welcome to the Virginia Blog Carnival. Carnival by definition is

1. The period of merrymaking and feasting celebrated just before Lent.

2. A traveling amusement show usually including rides, games, and sideshows.

3.A festival or revel: winter carnival.

The history of the carnival goes back to Egypt and the spring festival of Osiris celebrating the yearly flooding of the Nile and the renewal of life that it brought. In Athens, during the 6th century B.C. they celebrated the god Dionysus. Later during the Roman empire the carnivals caused civil discourse. The three major Roman carnivals were Bacchanalia, the Saturnalia, and the Lupercalia. The Catholic church adopted the carnival as the celebration before Lent. The one thing they all have in common is the feasting and fellowship. We bloggers and readers shall also feast. We shall dine on other's words. We shall glutton for knowledge and entertainment as our ancestors before us. With that said, let the carnival begin.

What feast would be complete without music. Jerry from the Blog on High asks What's Become of Country Music? Kilo say's put the "O" back in country!

Jim Riley of Virginia Virtucon compares the media now to the media of the 19 century with News Goes Back to the Future.

Snoopy at River City Rapids writes "Papers are in the (sometimes annoying and pushy) business of getting people to speak off the record to ostensibly reveal something important." Sounds interesting. Check out the post Seal the Fortress.

Bearing Drift brings two dishes to the feast. The first is a video called Kellam Phoning It In Part II. Directors Cut. The next dish is A Bearing Drift Commentary: Kellam v. Drake Congressional Debate.

Chris from Spank That Donkey has a great interview called A Glimpse of Randy Marcus: The Interview.

Shaula Evans at tsuredzuregusa has the latest installment of The Future of Book Publishing, Part 3. This post contains links to the other two in the series.

Mr. JC Wilmore at The Richmond Democrat has a great post entitled A deadly game of cat and mouse in Lebanon. Mr. Wilmore teaches us about the weapons being used in the current Israel-Lebanon conflict. Great pictures and a video to boot!

Rick Sincere of Rick Sincere News and Thoughts tells me "I cheated on the "weekend without echoes" theme and created a post that is solely about echoes." Rick is one of the best writers in the state so he can cheat if he wants! His post is An Echo, Not a Choice. It is a carnival in itself.

HRConservative's blog Virginia Conservative Analysis also brings two dishes to our jubilant feast. His first is Domestic Violence laws will remain unchanged and the side dish is Thelma Drake / Phil Kellam Town Hall Report. Tasty!

Roci at Rocinante's Burdens has A Few Words About Nuclear Proliferation. Please enjoy ingesting this wonderful post.

Doug Mataconis from Below The Beltway is generous in his offerings!He shares with us First Bull Run, 145 Years Later and The Nanny State vs. The Family Part II. The latter post is from the blog The Liberty Papers. Our carnival attendee's thank you for your generosity.

Kat who presides over the blog Cathouse Chat recounts a tribute paid to our President. Her post A symbol of gratitude to President Bush tells a news story about an Afghani man's gift to President Bush.

Adam of Creative Destruction explains what it means to take a subject seriously with his offering The Era of Passion.

What would a feast be without some laughter? Always On Watch brings a smile with the post Muslims Fear Superman Ad. Humor with a very serious point!

Shaun Kenney brings a view that is sure to cause debate at our table. His post Unforgettable will surely increase the volume of discussion at the table. If that is not enough, Shaun adds An Interview with Velvet Elvis to the discussion. The table is all a roar!

Max Power from Haduken entertains us with his post INTERVIEW: Pete Humes. " Pete currently works for the RTD in charge of their new alternative weekly and used to work on Punchline."

Hans Mast from the blog The (not so) Daily Me really burns out with his post Infiniti Q45 Donuts. This looks like one bad machine!

Chad Dotson the Commonwealth Conservative shows a video of his destiny if he had not attended law school. Chad Vader. The dark side indeed.

Ben at Not Larry Sabato reports on a scandal. THE ADULT DIAPER HOLIDAY- UPDATED is a must read for all taxpayers.

Our feast is ending. Master chef Alton Foley provides us with dessert. I'm not Emeril has a short essay on Jim Webb's book Born Fighting. A very interesting offering that demands discussion.

The hour is near and our festival must conclude. I hope you enjoyed this feast of words and pictures. If you would like to host the carnival in the future please visit this wonderful site.

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Blogger brettlee said ... (1:01 AM) : 

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