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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Kaine is living up to my predictions

With the left crying about LaBlanc LeGone, I am glad to see some focus on the real Tim Kaine. You know him, the missionary who spent time in Honduras. The man with the better way. Jim Bacon writes

"It took Gov. Mark. R. Warner more than two years to break his promise not to raise taxes. It took Tim Kaine less than two months."

Mr Bacon adds this in another good post "Having broken two major campaign promises relating to transportation, he doesn't have much credibility when he says that he will protect Virginia's Right to Work law."

The Mason Conservative has this "Kaine's complaining rings hallow compared to his wink-and-nod campaign promises, the way he has claimed the mantle of bipartisanship, and then demands that it is defined on his terms. Kaine, first off all, broke his vow not to increase taxes if transportation wasn't locked in."

Speaking of a better way The Mason Conservative has some ideas. This post is awesome. He writes "Fighting Tim Kaine forces him to fight back, thus abandoning the bipartisanship ground that Democrats have so carefully horded."

I too believe Republicans are on the right track. Fight this man tooth and nail. The democrats are saying the republicans will suffer at election time. I say people will not forget this from Kaine's campaign

MR. KAINE:I will veto any tax increase that is sent to me from the General Assembly unless the Transportation Trust Fund is locked up. I will veto any such increase.......There's no way to tax and pave our way out of the transportation problems that we now have. We need to recognize the multiple modes of transportation.....I will use surplus funds as we did last year to draw down more federal dollars and expand transportation investments.......I have pledged, Bob, as you said, that I will not support any increase in transportation taxes or revenues so long as the Transportation Trust Fund is unlocked.....

And this is still on the official Tim Kaine website.

On protecting the Transportation Trust Fund I'm not going to look people in the face and say, "Boy, there's a huge urgent problem, and we've got to have more money from you,...."Kaine has said repeatedly that he will not raise taxes for transportation until that money is put in a "lock box."

I could go on for pages. I call that dishonest. Lies to be plain and simple, and you don't have to be a missionary in Honduras to see that. I posted this on Nov 9th: "I see stays of executions, more gun laws, and raising taxes in our future. I hope I am wrong about that. Jerry Kilgore and his whole family have been on the hot seat this whole campaign. Come Jan Tim Kaine will take over that spot and be accountable for every action made. Sounds like a bunch of fun for the bloggers.
Congratulations Gov elect Kaine! Good luck and dont forget we are watching.

Kaine is living up to my predictions. It took less than two months.

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