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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Virginia Blogoshere

I have neglected the Virginia blogoshere for the past couple weeks. I have been consumed by the coal mining tragedies, the miners, and the coal companies. The reason being that I love the coal industry. Some see coal as a dirty fossil fuel. I see it as the life blood of so many regions and people in America. I see coal as our future and a great tool to aid us in being self sufficient. With that said, this is some of what I have been reading.

Bacons Rebellion has this post about VDOT's performance. Is there anyone who is happy with VDOT?

Charlie has changed his blog to Good Sense. Great change Charlie!

Bearing Drift has been watching the Alito hearings and offers up this post. I am watching also. Confirm this man!

Very interesting fact from Too Conservative.

The Virginia Blogfather Chad Dotson has a great post up about who will lead the Virginia Republicans. I say look no further than the Wise County Courthouse. (Shameless plug from Kilo)

I have moved up in the rankings at Not Larry Sabato. I am giddy as a school girl. Thanks NLS!

Romeocat is fired up with her post called A gross mis-carriage of "justice" Right on Sis!

Waldo makes all of us political junkies lives easier with this tool. Thanks Waldo.

Brian Patton has........Well Brian is rated above me on NLS and that is enough. Heh! I feel the lowest Wise County blog (me) is still better than anything Dickenson County has to offer.

I could continue for hours. I read a lot of blogs and there are none better than what the Virginia bloggers have to offer. The best are contained on my sidebar under the heading ODBA.

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