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Monday, January 02, 2006

Explosion at W.Va. Coal Mine Traps 13- updated at 6:30

This does not sound good.

Explosion at W.Va. Coal Mine Traps 13

A coal mine explosion that may have been sparked by lightning trapped 13 miners more than a mile underground Monday, state officials said.

"There was some type of explosion either heard or felt by the miners attempting to go in the mine for a shift change," said Lara Ramsburg, spokeswoman for Gov. Joe Manchin. "They then backtracked out of the mine."

Rescue workers have not been able to reach the miners already in the mine, said Steve Milligan, deputy director of Upshur County's Office of Emergency Management.

Four co-workers attempted to reach the missing miners, but they "came to a wall," Milligan said.

The mine was inspected in December and had 46 violations including combustible material violations. They are reporting monoxide levels are to high to enter with rescue teams. That is very means Fire.

I ask everyone to pray for these miners and the families and loved ones. I will keep faith but as I said before..This is not good.

Update 4:31pm- Company mouthpiece says rescue teams are preparing to enter the mine. He would not say if gases were cleared, so the preparing to enter statement is vague. The exploison was at around 6 this morning and rescue teams have been preparing to enter since they arrived.

Update 5:55pm- MSHA says rescue team is standing by. Carbon monoxide is still to high. This is an old mine with many places for the miners to retreat for air. Dont hold faith in the self rescue packs, they only last a couple hours at best. The longer this goes the worse the chances are they are rescued alive.
To me, if there are still unsafe levels of
Carbon monoxide this long after the explosion, there is a fire. I urge you to keep praying for these men.

Update 6:30pm- Rescue teams enter mine on foot fearing machinery would set of another blast. Damn...the gas levels must be very high.

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