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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Charles W. "Bill" Carrico Sr. vs Rick Boucher

I think this is worth sharing. With the republicans searching for a solid platform we have Carrico making it clear right off the bat where he stands. This is refreshing. From the

Carrico also noted several of his priorities if elected, including:

* Working to bring better-paying jobs to the region;

* Seeking ways to "reconstruct" the federal Immigration and Naturalization Service, to prevent illegal immigration and help those who want to immigrate legally;

* Working to get more affordable health care, including possible re-importation of certain medicines from outside the country;

* Using the country's natural resources, and researching alternative and renewable fuels, to make the nation more energy self-sufficient;

* Voting for constitutional language to "protect our flag from desecration;"

* Protecting the right to own firearms;

* Defending "the institution of marriage as being between one man and one woman;"

* Protecting individual's "right to pray and profess your faith in Christ no matter where you are;"

* Opposing "the slaughter of innocent children through abortion;" and

* Being a voice for Christians and striving "to strengthen the moral fabric of this faltering nation and stand for the one true God, Jesus Christ, on which our forefathers built this nation."

In the House of Delegates, Carrico sits on the committees on Transportation, Education and Militia, Police and Public Safety. He chairs the education subcommittee on students and day care, as well as one of the transportation subcommittees.

Carrico also was appointed to the Virginia Coal and Energy Commission, and to a joint subcommittee to study lead poisoning prevention.

I can support that. This will be very interesting indeed. After Jerry Kilgore's loss, there was a lot of speculation as to why. Too conservative or not enough, not clear enough on conservative issues? The list is long. I will say I am pleased Carrico has stated a very clear platform this early. I wonder if he will stay with it. Time will tell. For my few readers I would like your thoughts on this. Thank you.

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