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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

12 miners dead - 1 in Critical Condition

I will be adding updates to this post at the bottom. I will say this is one of the saddest things I have ever witnessed on tv.

It seems all the info posted about survivors was wrong.

12 miners dead - 1 in Critical Condition

How did this take 3 hours to correct? Every source was reporting the same thing. There was a miscommunication between the rescuers and the command center. Word spread fast, yet they did nothing to correct it. The company knew within 20 minutes that the info was wrong, yet chose to not correct it for over three hours.

Families are torn apart. Families are angry and rightly so. How can the company and the State and Federal people justify this. They cant. Very very cruel.

The Governor is speaking now at 3:39am. He says he never believes the report yet gave the thumbs up at the church and celebrated. The press will tear him apart when they question him. They are asking him and he gives same response as company reps. This sucks. Nothing can explain the three hour delay. His story stinks. The AP has this that shows the Governor may be stretching the truth

Families learned of the deaths from mine officials more than three hours after Gov. Joe Manchin said he had been told 12 of the miners survived the disaster. The sole survivor of the disaster was hospitalized, a doctor said.

Who are the miners? Click and find out.

Her is a good account of tonights press releases from SOT

A good time line is here.

On CNN Family members are saying company rep and governor told the 12 were alive. This contradicts everything the company said. CNN asks him why his office confirmed the story....He has no idea. "I cant explain it"

Freedom Eden puts it in perspective

The MSM are saying they should not of ran with the story. The guy on Fox said he is ashamed. So am I.

Mandy has updated and has some great points here.

The Red Queen has updated too.

Both ladies are from coal families.

My thoughts on this is the company waited to long to say the news was false. They would be hammered anyway but the families would have not been given 3 hours of false hope.

What caused the blast? The company stated that the abandoned mine(old works) was breached. So either the blast started there and released bad air into the Sago mine or the blast started in the Sago mine breaching the seal. I would think that after the mine being idle for the holiday that methane built up near the breaker were the first body was found. This could be caused by starting the belts at the breaker, igniting the methane, then coal dust, causing the blast. The investigation will start this evening.New news con happening now...more later.

3:15pm A good statement was read. The company said it called the church clergy and police on site to say the info was false. That info never was passed around to families. I believe this was a case of the rescue team either giving the wrong info to command center, or the audible message was misunderstood by the command center workers. I am amazed that the company CEO just said if he had to do it over, he would of went to church as soon as the conflicting info was given, but with traffic that was a thirty min trip. Instead he chose to wait untill he knew for sure. The press is asking why the rescue teams did not get to them faster. As I have said in comments that MSHA will take some heat on this. Coal companies will also.

I say the problem was this. Immediate family should have been on site, not a couple miles away at the church. The huge crowd caused traffic problems that made it a 30 min trip from portal to church. To much distance between rescue and family. No cell phones should have been allowed to be used at command center. I think this mistake will become a model of what not to do. I really think the company acted in good faith. Was the mine safe? I dont know yet. The investigation will tell. If it was unsafe why did MSHA allow them to operate? Will they be sued? Yes.

I will finish this the same way it started. This is one of the saddest things I have ever witnessed unfold on tv. I am tired. I am sad. I am done.

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