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Monday, May 16, 2005

The new Stars Wars

The new Stars Wars has raised some issues. It seems Goerge Lucas recently said this at Cannes:
How could it be that he percieves America as evil? That fighting communisim was wrong? The world is good and America is bad? I guess I missed this view in my studies of history. All the good things the communists did for the world. Chrenkoff has a good post up and you can read it here. An excerpt is right on track!
  • Yes, we were very wrong indeed - to you, the Empire was the United States of America, and if that's the case, then the brave rebels could only be all those people around the world fighting the American Empire - the Castros, Che Guevaras, Ho Chi Minhs, Pol Pots, and by extension, the Brezhnevs and the Mao Tse Tungs of this world. You, of course, live in the Free World, and as such you have the right to believe that your country is the most powerful force for evil operating in the world. But just for the sake of completeness and historical accuracy, can I just mention that whatever the sins of the United States - and I certainly understand well enough that no country is perfect - your rebels, both when fighting for power and when finally in power, ended up being responsible for the death of tens of millions and enslavement of hundreds of millions; the Luke Skywalkers and Han Solos of the last century gave us gulags and re-education camps, terror famines and political prisons; they institutionalized cults of personality, stifled every human freedom and impoverished whole nations.
  • May I also add that whatever your thoughts about the United States and its supposed descent from a democracy into empire, had the Rebels won, you would have never had a chance to film a critical allegory on your own government. At best, your artistic output would have consisted of short features about the 150% increase in the wheat harvest, and at worst - if you had stayed true to your conscience - you would be dreaming your "Star Wars" trilogy from behind bars.
The lefties and Mikey Moore, and now George Lucas will try to convince us that America is "The Empire" led by Bush. Well call me Darth Kilo. This will not deter me from watching the movie and relating it to America and the freedoms we have fought for, the people we have freed, and all the good we have provided to the world. May the Force be with You!

Comments on "The new Stars Wars"


Blogger Yaddoshi said ... (12:30 AM) : 

There are levels of freedom, and also illusions of freedom designed to keep the masses complacent.

How free are you from watching television?

How many exams have you taken that only have one "correct" answer?

How many times have you been tested on your ability to remember details rather than your ability to think creatively?

What would happen if you chose to wear your clothing inside out while in public, or behaved in some other fashion that would be considered bizarre or eccentric?

The majority of the people in this country today are groomed for mediocrity without even realizing it. Most people look forward to when they end their day job so they can go home and watch their favorite television shows. They look forward to the weekend so they can go out to bars and drink and be silly. They look forward to their two week vacation so they can visit the same place they go every year for vacation.

They are very similar to sheep.

It takes a rare human being to think for his or herself. It takes a rarer human being to decide to behave differently from the rest of the "herd". The nature of our society is designed to make this as difficult as possible - but they are the only people who are truly "free". Therefore film-makers, writers, artists, and others who work more independantly than most members of society are in a better position to critique society with an outsider's perspective.

Few others take advantage of their freedom because they do not even care that it exists. As a result, they do not fight or complain when those freedoms are taken away.

There is much more to this problem than meets the eye. Trying to approach this issue with absolutes is only going to result in differences of opinion. You have to fully understand the levels of freedom that exist in any capitalist society before you declare whether or not we are truly free.

I hope this does not offend - just trying to share my perspective on the problem (after all I'm one of those artist free-thinking types).



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