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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Kilgore office donates phones locally

While researching I came across this

 Kilgore’s Abingdon Office Donates Cell Phones for Domestic Violence Victims

  • ABINGDON – Attorney General Jerry Kilgore today announced that his Abingdon satellite office has collected 105 cellular phones donated by area residents to assist victims of domestic violence. In October, Kilgore announced a program called "Verizon Wireless Hopeline Virginia Partnership," a joint effort by the Attorney General and Verizon Wireless to provide used and refurbished cellular phones to victims of domestic violence in the event they must communicate with someone to get help. The phones were collected in Kilgore’s Abingdon office by Israel O’Quinn, Community Outreach Coordinator.

    "A cellular phone can be a lifeline for someone who needs help to get away from an abusive situation," Kilgore said. "The residents of the Abingdon area have shown over and over again that they care about the safety of their fellow citizens – especially at this time of year."

    In the program announced in October, Kilgore and Verizon have collected nearly 1700 cellular phones. City of Richmond Police Detective Carol Adams, who lost her mother to domestic violence, has personally collected over 1200 cellular phones on her own. Once cellular phones are collected, they are distributed by the advocacy group Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance (VSDVAA). Verizon Wireless provides some phones that are accompanied by free air time. Other phones are sold with the proceeds going to groups that combat domestic violence.

    Virginians wishing to donate their discarded cellular phones may drop them off at any Verizon Wireless retail store. In addition, citizens may drop off the phones at the Office of the Attorney General at 900 E. Main Street in Richmond, or at any of the four OAG satellite offices around Virginia:

This is a problem here in S.W.V.A. and it is good to see something being done locally. I know this phone program works, and Kilgore has put a lot into this domestic violence issue.

  •  "We have done this because I believe that domestic violence is one of the most destructive and preventable crimes our society faces," Kilgore said. "We have done this because it is time to act against domestic violence in our state. We must do all we can to protect those who face violence in their homes, at the hands of their own loved ones."

    Combating domestic violence has been the centerpiece of Kilgore’s term as Attorney General. Kilgore’s legislation has improved domestic violence laws in the following ways:

    • Created a $3 million fund for domestic violence services and prosecutions by levying fees on general district court cases
    • Created a Class 6 felony for violation of a protective order that results in bodily injury to the person protected by the order, or for furtively entering the home of the person
    • Allowed judges to award temporary child support to victims of domestic violence at the same time they seek a protective order
    • Removed the requirement that married persons must be living apart or that the defendant caused bodily injury by use of force for a spouse to be convicted of rape.
    • Established a statewide facilitator to oversee and evaluate services and programs available to victims of domestic abuse.
    • Directed the Department of Criminal Justice Services to enhance training standards for police officers who respond to domestic violence calls.
    • Clarified and expanded the definition of "family abuse" to include any bodily injury.
    • Required the entry of protective orders into the Virginia Criminal Information Network upon receipt by a law enforcement agency.

There is more info at this link.

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