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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Debates and Global Test

Round one is over. Main point for me was Kerry saying he would defend us if the cause passed Global Test?????? Like I have said before, Kerry believes to much in what the world thinks. I want a President who stands up to the world, who will strike first, not wait to be hit first, and hope for passing a GLOBAL TEST?????
I listen to Kerry repeat " I have a plan" yet I did not hear it. A summit?? Yep! thats what will do it!
Ask for more help? yep,,lets beg. There was no plan outlined.
Kerry said he made a mistake about how he talked about the war, no, his mistake was not voting for funding the war.
Bush was clear and to the point. Kerry flipped and flopped and tried to convince people he was anti war. One great thing about Kerry is he is not boring, you never know which John will show up, or what he will support or say.
Key point: At the beginning of the debate Kerry made clear Saddam was not a threat. At the end of the debate Kerry said Saddam was a threat. Flip Flop. In one and a half hours he could not stand firm. Weak!
Kerry also avoided his plan for the War on Terrorism. Bush gave his plan, detailed. Kerry plans on the world to help, yeah right. If Kerry can not hold his story for the hour and a half debate, what would he do under real pressure? I dont want to find out. 4 More Years!

Comments on "Debates and Global Test"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:23 AM) : 

Christ, Kerry kicked his ass. Only retarded people won't recognize that. I'm not sure I heard a plan come out of W's stuttering, idiotic southern drawl mouth. I only saw a guy pleading for people to trust him. "Come on trust me guys, I'm president you know? I know how these things work! Oh, by the way... Iraq attacked us! That's why we went to war!" Maybe if that chump had read his dad's book, he wouldn't have invaded Iraq (... our new Vietnam).

You're 39 and you don't even have a real degree. You'll never make enough money to cash in on the republican tax break. You might as well just kill yourself.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:35 AM) : 

You said it all Kilo! The above poster is the asshole. His words prove that. Smart people see through Kerry armchair Quarterbacking a war he voted for, but not to fund, that is a mistake and why the military and their families hate him. I, like you, did not hear Kerry give his plan! What plan?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:36 AM) : 

Stop posting comments to yourself you Rush Limbaugh wannabe! Why don't you O.D. on OxyContin pills and go deaf like your hero...

The U.S. foreign policy is a joke, quite frankly. In fact, everything about your country is a joke. I have a five point plan on how to turn things around. I'm sure your limited attention span has already caused you to walk away by now and watch bugs bunny over a case of piss beer, but if it hasn't here it is:

1 Stop watching old cowboy movies.

2 Stop electing idiots just because you relate to them when you see that they can't debate without saying "um" every other word.

3 Stop trying to tell a woman what she can and can't do with her own body. In fact, stop trying to bully people into embracing your "values". Of course, that also means you need let gays marry. Holy shit... your little head just exploded.

4 For chrisake, feed your minority poor and level the playing field. Stop making them scapegoats. Fund their schools properly and educate them so as to give them a fighting chance in your world. A little quality police coverage would be a good thing, but I know you need to focus that effort around your primarily white populated colleges and big businesses.

5. Don't waste your time replying to this comment. Go outside and tell a homeless person you're sorry for being a bugs bunny watching asshole who doesn't care about anything but voting for someone who likes to run up an impossible debt in a foreign country while the homeless people in the U.S. rot on the sidewalk because you think they must somehow deserve it.


Blogger Brian Patton said ... (1:24 PM) : 


Not sure whats up with these crazy comments on your post, but I hope who ever it was did not find your blog via mine.

I understand what your saying and I think they both made some good points. Obviously, I hope Kerry made up some of that ground on Bush he had lost, but I dont think the personal attacks on you will help that cause. Please do not assume all Kerry supporters are as stupid as the commenter on this post.

See ya.


Blogger kilo said ... (2:22 PM) : 

Thanks Brian. I know not all Kerry fans are like the poster.I leave the comments there because who do they hurt? Not me and diffently not Bush. Other readers surf through and read it, from both sides. According to google I am averaging 145 hits a day! The 9/11 posts had over 700 hits. You know what they say about stupidity, people have to share it. I agree that Kerry had a good show last night, and so did Bush. I think the initial reaction was Kerry sounded good and may get a small bounce; but I feel as time passes and facts are checked, the gap will stay about the same. Kerry's statements were bold and as many people that were swayed, there are also many that he offended.


Blogger geek_girl said ... (1:47 AM) : 

I just found something typical of the Kerry supporter...

#1. You don't want to be KNOWN with your "anonymous" posting... are you afraid to be known as a Kerry supporter to others?

#2. You have wide knowledge of cartoons and compare everything else to them, which makes me wonder if you have created your world in such just as your "hero" has.

#3. Listening skills must not be a good point just as your hero's speaking skills with staying on the same subject longer one sentence through. HMMM.... Mr. Anonymous must change his listening attention just as quickly as his hero changes his mind when speaking on a subject.

And... I must question your authority upon the comment on "real degrees"??? If you have one? Does this cause you fear to commit your Internet ID to posting a comment in favor of your flip flopping hero?


Blogger deneene said ... (4:38 PM) : 

Hey, I'm proud of the comments except one, O.D and something else thats stupid, and also Miss or Mr anonymous you can bet come November where my vote will be and it's not for Kerry fool, it will be for our President George Walker Bush.



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