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Monday, April 07, 2008

Rick Boucher-The Good and The Bad-Horses and Coal

My Feckless congressman was in town today. He was here for two reasons - Coal and Horseshit Horse Trails. Lets start with the good. First Annual Summit On Alternative Energy Sources. Boucher has discovered Coal after all these years. He supports our new power plant and today had this-

"We have a 250 year coal reserve in this country and that would put coal directly in competition with petroleum. That would have a favorable affect on prices at the pump," said U.S. Rep. Rick Boucher. Using coal as an alternative source of fuel was one of many ideas to help keep fuel and energy costs down.

"I'm concerned about our economic security as gas prices and crude oil prices continue to go up and having a domestic supply of an alternative to petroleum is critically important," Congressman Boucher said.

The representative for the Southwest Virginia’s 9th District is a member of the House and Energy and Commerce Committee.

Indeed Congressman Rick. Make it happen. Now for the bad...Spending money on horse trails.

Bringing more tourists into southwest Virginia is the goal of a new horse trail.

Congressman Rick Boucher was on hand to help kick off the High Knob Horse trail project in Dungannon, VA this morning.

Construction will begin in May on the 2.5 miles of new trails.

An additional five miles will undergo a major facelift.

Restrooms at High Knob and Little Stoney Falls are also in the works.

The project should be finished by September.

Horseshit. I never knew a horse needed a trail. I don't think people will come from far and wide to ride the new trails. The same riders who now ride the Knob will be there for sure, but tourists? Doubtful indeed. But I tell ya what Congressman....You get that coal thing done and I will invite all my friends for a day on the trails.

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