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Monday, July 31, 2006

Bad Luck

Talk about bad luck....Very sad.

A disabled man who lost his parents in a car wreck, his barn in a fire and his housemate in a nearby river lost his own life when his house burned to the ground Saturday night, friends said.

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Majority want same sex marriage ban

NLS has the the complete Mason Dixon poll on the marriage amendment. Ben broke the story and had the numbers up last night in another exclusive! VCA and Nova Town Hall also have thoughts. I don't think there is any doubt this amendment will pass. I have predicted voter turnout to be very high among those who support the amendment. They can argue the wording but most voters just care about banning same sex marriage. I think it will pass easily by a higher percentage than the poll shows.

This can only be seen as a positive for Sen Allen. Am I wrong?

Bearing Drift is asking
"Is offending the gay community something that Webb and Kellam will do or is that constituency necessary to their campaigns in terms of activism and support?"

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Polls – The Opinions

We all wondered how the Webbheads would counter the latest Mason Dixon poll showing Sen Allen leading by 16. The facts of the poll show Allen leading by 16. The opinions are saying it is closer. I agree that it is closer. I believe Allen enjoys a solid 10-12 point lead. This poll showed a huge 20% of voters undecided. If that 20% are the key, then Jim Webb must capture what...8 of 10 undecided voters to make this close. I know that wont happen, they know that wont happen, and Larry Sabato knows that wont happen. Is that 20% number accurate? Well the last Survey USA poll showed only 3% undecided. The last Zogby Interactive showed 5% undecided. The Zogby Telephone poll showed 15% undecided. If we average those polls we have 10.75% undecided. If that holds true Jim Webb must carry all of the undecided voters at the present time to make it close. Could that happen? I guess it could but it is very doubtful.

Another point is that all these current polls are pretty consistent on Allen's lead at around 10 points with the Mason Dixon as the exception showing 16. The undecided numbers range from 3 to 20 percent. I have always looked at consistency in polling numbers and we are not seeing that yet in the undecided category.

My final thoughts on this are: Sen Allen is a strong campaigner and the money will continue to poor in. He will campaign hard in all parts of the state. He started early and will continue to work hard to win. He has already been to SWVA a few times and is returning to Lee and Wise county in a few days. I like that. People here like that. Jim Webb is in trouble folks. His campaign consists of live blogs on Kos and weenie of the week emails. He will not fund raise and the money is not coming in. No tv ads, no radio, no newspapers. Winning an election is hard work and so far, as my grandfather used to say, "That dog wont hunt." Remember the failed nutroots slogan "Where in the world is George Allen?" They are not asking that now are they!

Update- Here is the Red Stater's take. CR and I share the same views. F. T. Rea has his thoughts at Slantblog. Mr Rea is asking where is the money? I think most people are asking where is Webb? We are right back to that dog wont hunt. He also brings up the other talking point about Jim Webb. Just what the hell does he stand for? There is no detailed plan. He offers that same tired democratic rhetoric:We don't have the answers or a plan - But Bush is wrong. That is not going to work.

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Good Links

Bearing Drift has a great podcast up that covers "the nature of blogging and its influence on the political scene." JR will be conducting a workshop at the Blogs United for Free Speech conference that is a must for all bloggers!

HR_Conservative is doing what we all need to be doing! The Allen grass roots are not just relying on the great poll numbers, they are knocking on doors and gaining more support for Sen Allen.

Jerry has a tribute piece written to John Murtha by a fellow marine called Semper I.

I am enjoying a few select Hen and Rooster knives I received this week. Also a old German Eye knife. I am also learning to use this new tool. Very tricky indeed.

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Friday, July 28, 2006



The Polls

NLS is breaking the news of the fresh Mason Dixon poll showing Sen Allen leading by 16 points. That will make 4 polls this week showing Allen with a lead. The average of these 4 polls has Allen at 49.25% and Jim Webb at 37.25%. That gives Sen Allen a solid 12 point lead going into August. If we figure in the last Survey USA poll also, we have Allen at 50.6% and Webb with 37.2%, giving Allen a 13 point lead.

It is early and anything could happen before Nov. You can count on a solid campaign from Sen Allen with lots of visits and pressing the flesh. He will be in my neck of the woods, Jonesville, in early August! (email me if your interested) You can also count on tv ads and guest spots on the news shows. What can we expect from candidate Webb? Not much if you look at his limited funding. In a comment over at NLS the Mason Conservative, who is a fav of mine, has this:

If Webb enters labor day with these numbers, and down as much in cash, its over folks. I hear the Dems talking about Warner-Kaine raising money for him and how it will be alright--but they neglect to mention that its not like Allen's gonna STOP raising money. For all the money Webb raises, Allen will match it and more. This poll my be soft for Allen, but it still NOT good news for Webb. Webbheads, he is 16 POINTS down and nowhere to be seen! Please tell me how that can be spun as a good thing?

Indeed. Maybe a few more live blogs on Kos and giving Lowell a raise will do the trick!

Also writing about this- Shaun and Bearing Drift

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Do as I say-Not as I do

Webb's financial disclosure reports were unavailable last night, but Todd confirmed that he owned "about $100,000" worth of stock in Exxon Mobil and Chevron.

"Wealthy movie producer James H. Webb Jr. is personally profiting off the very oil companies he is today attacking," Wadhams said.(Link)

That takes a bite out of Webb's anti oil message.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Swift Boating

Paid Jim Webb mouthpiece Lowell Feld is crying about the criticism of his candidate. Lowell chooses to call the criticisms "Swift Boating." The resurfacing of a NY Times article from 1988 is swift boating? I am confused. Let's look at what Thomas Jefferson had to say about Jim Webb's hero Andrew Jackson. Is this Swift Boating? Thomas Jefferson in retirement said of Jackson in 1824:

"I feel much alarmed at the prospect of seeing General Jackson President. He is one of the most unfit men I know of for such a place. He has had very little respect for laws or constitutions, and is, in fact, an able military chief. His passions are terrible. When I was President of the Senate he was a Senator; and he could never speak on account of the rashness of his feelings. I have seen him attempt it repeatedly, and as often choke with rage. His passions are no doubt cooler now; he has been much tried since I knew him, but he is a dangerous man."(LINK)

Some share these same feelings about Jim Webb. Is this swift boating?

While I salute James Webb for his service and patriotism, as a veteran and father of a serving serviceman, I cannot and will not support his candidacy for the U.S. Senate.

Webb may feel that the Republican Party is off-course, but there's a reason the electorate has chosen Republicans over Democrats the past quarter-century. It's simply that Democrats are no longer the party of Roosevelt or JFK. As Ronald Reagan and Zell Miller stated, the current Democratic Party has left them.

Today the face of the Democratic Party is Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Howard Dean. They are the party of doom and gloom, of far-left, cut-and-run diplomacy, and a party that does everything in its power to undermine the Bush administration.

Their actions and motivations while the U.S. has been at war have been, at times, borderline subversive and always thoroughly despicable.

Don't be tricked by a few decorated Vietnam veterans who have chosen rhetoric over action. A clear majority of veterans know that to defeat terrorism, we must act now rather than wait until the terrorists or the countries that support them get nuclear weapons--a very real near-term threat.

Sen. George Allen may not have served in the military, but he knows and supports the values I look for in a U.S. senator. Most veterans will vote for him because we cannot and should not cut and run, appease terrorists, or vote for a man who will caucus with those who will take these actions.

Russ Duenow


Russ Duenow is retired from the Marine Corps.(LINK)

What about this?

Re: "Debate - or lesson in geography?" July 23. The debate in Hot Springs defines the real problem with James Webb in the Senate race - he's not a Virginian. His entire candidacy is based on being a mercenary for the Democratic Party. The national Democratic power structure gave Virginia Democrats a vote of no confidence on their ability to unseat the Republican Sen. George Allen. The idiocy that he is somehow more "electable" was laid bare during the debate.

No Virginia politician would have come up short on the Craney Island issue; Virginians are keenly aware of the importance of this site as a major port in the future. The economic impact of Craney Island will have long-lasting repercussions for all of Hampton Roads and Virginia alike. A real candidate with Virginia's best interests at heart would have known that and had a plan to navigate our future.

For the U.S. Senate, are we looking for a representative of Virginia or a representative of the Democratic Party? And whose interest does that serve?

Bryan C. Burge


Lowell is tender because his candidate has people confused. He says he is a Democrat yet Reagan is his model president. The same man he abandoned as Sec of the Navy. His hero is Andrew Jackson? That is very troubling to me. Jackson's Indian Wars, his want to abolish the electoral college, there are many things to consider. Lowell-If this is swift boating then you better get ready to ride.

Update: Be sure to read the two comments !!

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I realize that I will be taking a big risk here today but I just have to brag up my baby a bit. As his readers know well, Kilo plants a large garden each year and lovingly takes care of it. We have talked about how we are each so affected by the smell of freshly turned over soil. His spring is ruled by planting schedules and in between mowing grass he hoes and weeds and tenderly takes care of his plants.

This is Kilo. This is cool but the part that really touches my heart is that he doesn't just plant things he likes but plants to share with others. You see, my baby hates beets- with a passion, but he plants them because he has friends and family and me who love them. Not only does he grow them and then pull them up for sharing, he cooks and cans them. Beets smell nasty when they are cooking but he goes beyond and makes pickled beets for those he cares about. Of course, he teased that the kitchen yesterday smelled like day old douche. Now, I do not know what that smells like and don't really believe he actually knows either but... cooking beets and boiling vinegar do create one very smelly kitchen.

Tonight though the kitchen was smelling awesome. It was the first night for some of those home grown fried green maters. Am I lucky or what?


Over at VV, Riley has a great post starting with his views on the NY Time's piece I had yesterday. Riley notes that paid Jim Webb mouthpiece Lowell Feld tries to rebuke the article but only succeeds to strengthen it. He also adds that by posting this article the left calls that Swiftboating?? They need a boat to ride their wave of tears! I will add that Lowell puts in a 114 page thesis that contains some revealing stuff about Jim Webb (in his own words) and his military views that include how to use reserves, etc. Jim Webb can never call anyone a neo con....More on that later.

Alton has two great posts up. The first one is Born Fighting. Alton asks how can Jim Webb write a book saying one thing and say he is a democrat. I have a feeling there will be more to come on this subject. His next post, the Hatchet is well worth your time to read!

The Mason Conservative has this about Maryland democrat Josh Rales. You gotta love this!!!

Today's big Smile is from The Ward View...Just go look!

BTW- We are still waiting for Jim Webb to post the debate on his website as promised. Day 3-Born Fibbing!

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Who won the debate? Watch it now!

Sen Allen has the complete video on his website. Go watch it now!

Lets see...On Jim Webb's campaign site they claim Webb wins. George Allen has the video for you to decide! Something tells me Lowell Feld's so called live blog left a lot out. You tell me who looks nervous? Not Sen Allen.

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Allen - Webb Debate Podcast

Via Waldo the link to a Podcast of the Allen-Webb Debate. Check it out!

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Jim Webb-1988

A while back I was asked in the comments on Brian Pattons blog about why I say Jim Webb quit the Reagan administration as Sec of the Navy and why it was dishonorable. Here is a article from the NY Times 1988 that is worth printing.

The NY Times editorial board on James Webb

It's a fine thing to resign on principle. But James Webb seems to have resigned as Secretary of the Navy on something closer to pique. He failed to get on with his boss, Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci, and left with a gratuitous personal blast. Mr. Webb's departure raises no great debate about the future of the Navy, merely an eyebrow as to whether he was really suited to his office.

Mr. Webb said he had quit because Mr. Carlucci's decision to retire 16 frigates indicated a retreat from the long-term goal of a 600-ship Navy. That's curious, since the number 600 is a slogan, not a strategic concept. In any event, the Navy has modernized most of the fleet in the last decade, and the early retirement of 16 aging frigates is not critical.

Under the budget compromise agreed on last November between the White House and Congress, Mr. Carlucci had to find reductions of $33 billion. He asked the Navy to cut $11.6 billion, but Mr. Webb submitted plans for only $10.7 billion, including cancellation of a Trident submarine, which Congress certainly would not tolerate. Mr. Carlucci, who has to find savings of some $200 billion over the next five years, needed all services to make sizable reductions, not just budgetary odds and ends. Thus he insisted that the Navy decommission the 16 frigates, not mothball them.

Instead Mr. Webb gave him arguments about NATO allies bearing more of the European burden, allowing an expanded Navy to better defend American interests in the Pacific. That's an important issue, but of small relevance to next year's budget. Mr. Webb in any case diverted attention from this debate by decrying Mr. Carlucci's leadership.

The Navy has to repair the appalling damage done by the Walker-Whitworth spy ring, including the enormous strides made by the Soviet Union in quieting its submarines. A relative lack of innovation has left the Navy's next new attack submarine, the Seawolf, with uncomfortably little edge over the present Soviet Akula class. These issues have to be addressed with flat or even declining budgets. Mr. Webb might better have helped the Navy by staying to tackle these daunting problems instead of storming out in a huff.

You will see within this article that the key issue was Webb was unable to make a budget. The last line "Webb might better have helped the Navy by staying to tackle these daunting problems instead of storming out in a huff" says what I have said all along. Jim Webb was not born fighting. He got mad and quit, just like he is mad about the Iraq war and switched parties. Webb is fine as long as he gets his way. If not, he quits. That is not how the Senate works.

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Craney Island

The WaPo has a good article about Craney Island. It gives a good history of the project an weighs its importance. Craney Island was the subject of a question Sen Allen asked Jim Webb at the debate. Webb did not know where or what the island was. I said here that Webb's "I don't know" answer would become an issue and it has. The WaPo says

In a debate that had few fireworks, Webb's ignorance on the issue became a key theme of news accounts of the event, particularly in the Norfolk region, where the Democrat hopes to do well Nov. 7.

"Webb's ignorance"...Ouch! Allen guru Dick Wadhams poked at Webb saying

"I just think [Webb] has been so immersed in literary and cinematic fiction for so long, he really doesn't have much of a grasp of the real issues in this race," said Allen campaign manager Dick Wadhams, referring to Webb's career as a novelist who also works on Hollywood movies. "I think his performance Saturday, as highlighted by this Craney Island issue, showed that."

This was a calculated question Allen used to appeal to the voters in that area. Now it becomes clear why Webb was ducking the direct question part of the debate. The reply from the Webb campaign was

Kristian Denny Todd, a Webb spokeswoman, said Allen was playing a game of "gotcha."-"Let's be frank. The majority of Virginians have never heard of Craney Island," Todd said. "This was a political maneuver. It had nothing to do with Jim's knowledge of Virginia issues."

What? Ms Todd it had everything to do with Jim Webb's knowledge of Virginia issues. State and federal officials are saying that all Virginians should learn about the island. I guess that includes Jim Webb. Read Todd's statement again....Does it make sense? Not to me.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

The Virginia Blog Carnival

The Virginia Blog Carnival.

Welcome to the Virginia Blog Carnival. Carnival by definition is

1. The period of merrymaking and feasting celebrated just before Lent.

2. A traveling amusement show usually including rides, games, and sideshows.

3.A festival or revel: winter carnival.

The history of the carnival goes back to Egypt and the spring festival of Osiris celebrating the yearly flooding of the Nile and the renewal of life that it brought. In Athens, during the 6th century B.C. they celebrated the god Dionysus. Later during the Roman empire the carnivals caused civil discourse. The three major Roman carnivals were Bacchanalia, the Saturnalia, and the Lupercalia. The Catholic church adopted the carnival as the celebration before Lent. The one thing they all have in common is the feasting and fellowship. We bloggers and readers shall also feast. We shall dine on other's words. We shall glutton for knowledge and entertainment as our ancestors before us. With that said, let the carnival begin.

What feast would be complete without music. Jerry from the Blog on High asks What's Become of Country Music? Kilo say's put the "O" back in country!

Jim Riley of Virginia Virtucon compares the media now to the media of the 19 century with News Goes Back to the Future.

Snoopy at River City Rapids writes "Papers are in the (sometimes annoying and pushy) business of getting people to speak off the record to ostensibly reveal something important." Sounds interesting. Check out the post Seal the Fortress.

Bearing Drift brings two dishes to the feast. The first is a video called Kellam Phoning It In Part II. Directors Cut. The next dish is A Bearing Drift Commentary: Kellam v. Drake Congressional Debate.

Chris from Spank That Donkey has a great interview called A Glimpse of Randy Marcus: The Interview.

Shaula Evans at tsuredzuregusa has the latest installment of The Future of Book Publishing, Part 3. This post contains links to the other two in the series.

Mr. JC Wilmore at The Richmond Democrat has a great post entitled A deadly game of cat and mouse in Lebanon. Mr. Wilmore teaches us about the weapons being used in the current Israel-Lebanon conflict. Great pictures and a video to boot!

Rick Sincere of Rick Sincere News and Thoughts tells me "I cheated on the "weekend without echoes" theme and created a post that is solely about echoes." Rick is one of the best writers in the state so he can cheat if he wants! His post is An Echo, Not a Choice. It is a carnival in itself.

HRConservative's blog Virginia Conservative Analysis also brings two dishes to our jubilant feast. His first is Domestic Violence laws will remain unchanged and the side dish is Thelma Drake / Phil Kellam Town Hall Report. Tasty!

Roci at Rocinante's Burdens has A Few Words About Nuclear Proliferation. Please enjoy ingesting this wonderful post.

Doug Mataconis from Below The Beltway is generous in his offerings!He shares with us First Bull Run, 145 Years Later and The Nanny State vs. The Family Part II. The latter post is from the blog The Liberty Papers. Our carnival attendee's thank you for your generosity.

Kat who presides over the blog Cathouse Chat recounts a tribute paid to our President. Her post A symbol of gratitude to President Bush tells a news story about an Afghani man's gift to President Bush.

Adam of Creative Destruction explains what it means to take a subject seriously with his offering The Era of Passion.

What would a feast be without some laughter? Always On Watch brings a smile with the post Muslims Fear Superman Ad. Humor with a very serious point!

Shaun Kenney brings a view that is sure to cause debate at our table. His post Unforgettable will surely increase the volume of discussion at the table. If that is not enough, Shaun adds An Interview with Velvet Elvis to the discussion. The table is all a roar!

Max Power from Haduken entertains us with his post INTERVIEW: Pete Humes. " Pete currently works for the RTD in charge of their new alternative weekly and used to work on Punchline."

Hans Mast from the blog The (not so) Daily Me really burns out with his post Infiniti Q45 Donuts. This looks like one bad machine!

Chad Dotson the Commonwealth Conservative shows a video of his destiny if he had not attended law school. Chad Vader. The dark side indeed.

Ben at Not Larry Sabato reports on a scandal. THE ADULT DIAPER HOLIDAY- UPDATED is a must read for all taxpayers.

Our feast is ending. Master chef Alton Foley provides us with dessert. I'm not Emeril has a short essay on Jim Webb's book Born Fighting. A very interesting offering that demands discussion.

The hour is near and our festival must conclude. I hope you enjoyed this feast of words and pictures. If you would like to host the carnival in the future please visit this wonderful site.

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New Poll Shows Jim Webb is Losing Ground

I don't take WSJ polls to heart. Here is the new one showing Sen Allen leading by 10 points. That is a 5 point increase from last months WSJ poll. Allen is up and Webb is down. How could that be? I mean they hired Lowell Feld - what else can they do??

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

More on the debate

The first Allen - Webb debate is in the books and there is much arguing over who won on the blogs. Debates for most people are boring. They will make their decisions from the recaps and sound bites printed in the press. If that is the case then Sen Allen clearly stumped Jim Webb. Candidate Webb needed headlines saying he won. Headlines stating he bested the incumbent. Webb did not receive anything close. He is receiving a lot of press for not knowing anything about Craney Island. The worst thing you can say in a debate is "I Don't Know" This holds especially true when it concerns a project with the potential for thousands of jobs in the state you wish to represent. I have not read anything that shows Webb stumped Allen on any issue. All accounts say Allen was professional and fielded the questions well. This debate was all Sen Allen. One attendee said

"The battle before the debate has begun. George Allen's campaign has blanketed the one road that leads to the debate site with campaign signs. There are no signs whatsoever for Jim Webb's campaign. As a matter of fact, I've yet to see any sign or bumper sticker for Jim Webb on the entire drive down from NYC."

In a debate with an incumbent, no clear winner is a win for the incumbent. Webb needed to make that big impression and he failed to do so. His campaign needed to make that same impression and they also failed. What will be remembered from this debate is no ground support for Webb. The "I don't know" statement. Allen dubbing Webb R2D2 for his party flip flopping. The number one answer that I laughed about yesterday was Webb stating Reagan was his model president. I agree with Webb on that! I don't think the Kos kids and the DNC will be happy. That statement will stick like glue!

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

From the VBA Debate We Have the Weekend Smile

Bob Lewis writes

When asked which president he considers a model, Webb said it was Reagan, whom he served briefly as Navy secretary.

???? But Jim, you got mad and quit working for Reagan??? Now he is your Model President??? What about Clinton....Oh Yeah..You hate him. JFK? Any democrat fit the bill Jim? I can hear all that DNC money going to other candidates..Ka Ching. This is my weekend smile! When you can't beat a Republican you adhere yourself to one!

Graphic from my friends at Bearing Drift.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

The Virginia Blog Carnival

Wise Girl and I are hosting this weeks VBC. I wanted this week because this is also the Slantblog weekend with out echoes challenge. I hope all the participants submit their best original post!

Guidelines for the VBC can be found here. You can also submit here-You can also submit here- Or you can email me at Be sure to put VBC in the subject line.

Please get them to us by 7pm Sunday. I will have the VBC up by Noon Monday so if you are late I will do my best to include you.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Coalfield Expressway

Virginia Department of Transportation's acting commissioner Greg Whirley is very hopeful the Coalfield Expressway will be built withing a decade. That is what this article from Tricities.Com stresses. The commissioner also states how hard this road will be to build. Building a 4 lane highway through the mountains is challenging indeed. The section of Rt 23 that goes down the mountain from Norton to Powell Valley took many years to build and it is only a couple miles in distance. If you figure the price by the foot it is the most expensive road in the state. I would think there will be parts of this road the same way. I also expect tree huggers and smelly hippies to protest the road and the mining and logging involved to build it. I am not convinced this road will provide any economic advantage to our area. I have traveled the West Virginia portion and most of the time it felt like I was the only one on the road. Time and money will tell.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Congratulations to Shaun Kenney and Wife as they are expecting a child!

Congratulations are also in order to Kat on her 20 years of married bliss.

I look forward to meeting them both! I do know that Kat is planning on attending the Blogs United for Free Speech in Martinsville. I hope Shaun will also attend. The list is growing! Leslie Byrne has graciously accepted to attend. Sign up now!

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Stem Cells

You can read the spin going on here and here. They all say Sen Allen is against stem cell research. Both posters leave out a very important keyword: Embryonic. These are stem cells derived from human embryos. This bill did not address stem cell research as a whole. It addresses one form of stem cell research and that is Embryonic. I wonder why they leave that important word out? I would imagine that is because many people do not like the idea of destroying a human embryo for research or the possibilities or progression of cloning. Sen Allen voted no today to the use of my tax dollar to destroy a human embryo in the name of research. I am glad he did.

UPDATED This AM- I will add that two other stem cell research bills passed 100-0. That part was left out of the posts also. You can get the whole story if you research a little. The Bush administration has funding of stem cell research at the highest levels in history while embryonic research is going on daily - funded privately with millions of dollars.

Jerry says Oh Yeah. This Is Much More Important.

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The Brave

Flora over at UCV tells of a recent RTD forum for vets and active duty troops. Flora's son was a speaker at the forum. Flora has the RTD's article posted and it is a good read. A Vietnam vet named Rick Edmunds made a great statement

He asked fellow Richmonders to stop when they see someone in the military and thank them.

I do every time I meet one. I admire their bravery and sacrifice. I support their mission and their goals. I sit here tonight safely because of their sacrifice and bravery and I never pass up the chance to tell them so.

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The Virginia Blog Carnival

Alton has the VBC up at ImNotEmeril. Beat the rush and check it out now.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Concession Speech Preview

NLS asked recently Are They Even Trying? Ben makes some good points that most cant argue with. Today paid Jim Webb mouthpiece Lowell Feld writes

"Jim Webb WILL NOT WIN without the financial resources necessary to wage a serious air and ground war against Allen."

It seems the reality has set in for the Webb heads and Lowell is making excuses. Teddy had the first excuse and now Lowell has another. I should add that the quote I used from Teddy was removed from her post as were the comments from HR Conservative. Heh! HR has commented on this post saying

Millions on TV advertising? I don't see millions of dollars floating in from anywhere for Webb. Perhaps you can buy him a camcorder and post the commercial on Youtube. That might work. . .


by: hrconservative @ Mon Jul 17, 2006 at 08:08:30 AM MDT

I love it! HR is right on track. I would add a couple live blogs on Kos and call the Webb campaign complete. I wonder if Harris Miller would be in this shape right now if he had won the primary? Any thoughts? Any comments or insults?

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Oil Refineries

The last oil refinery was built 20 years ago. Katrina made us aware of the need. Sen Allen introduced legislation to set up three new oil refineries on closed military bases. The "Bolster Our Energy Security for Tomorrow" plan includes three new refineries with one dedicated to biofuels. This would not only address fuel needs but also impact the local economy where these bases have closed providing jobs and tax revenue. This sounds like a great plan to me. The closed bases already have basic infrastructure in place such as access roads, power supplies, security stations, etc. The good senator said this:

"We have a strategic petroleum reserve in our country and in my view, we need to also have a strategic approach to more refinery capacity as well," said Senator Allen .

"This measure works with the Governors in the States and the communities where military bases have been shut down in accordance with the will of the people to identify three bases that can have a new life by bringing in private industry to own and operate much needed oil refineries. This would be especially helpful as well in areas that may have a higher unemployment because people may want new jobs and opportunities where these military bases were closed."

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Veterans for Allen Coalition Launches

From the Press Release:

'Veterans for Allen' Coalition Launches
ARLINGTON, VA - Senator George Allen (R-VA) was joined today by Commander Paul Galanti, USN (Ret.) at the Virginia War Memorial in Richmond to announce the formation of the Veterans for Allen coalition. Galanti, a former Vietnam POW, will chair the group made up of military veterans supporting Allen's Senate reelection campaign. The press conference today was attended by over fifty veterans who will spearhead the group's efforts.

Senator Allen was grateful for the support he received. "America is the land of the free because we are the home of the brave. I am so thankful for the support of American heroes like those who are leading Veterans for Allen. Over the years I've been fortunate to receive the support of Virginia's wonderful veterans, and I especially appreciate the long history of support I've gotten from Paul Galanti. As Senator, you can count on me to continue to strongly advocate for America to keep its promises to the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms with the finest health, benefits and services," he said.
In the Senate, Allen supported significant increases in funding for the department of Veterans Affairs. Since 2001, VA funding has been increased by over 75%. In addition, he advocated for the awarding of two federal grants from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to construct a second Virginia Veterans Care Center in Richmond and to renovate the existing facility in Salem. He worked with the Military Officers Association of America, the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and other service organizations and members of the Virginia congressional delegation to secure these grants totaling over $15 million.

"I'm 100% behind George Allen because he is one of the finest Senators I've known. His attitude, persona, character, demeanor and personality remind me of another great American, Ronald Reagan. I have always admired his service as a delegate, Congressman and Governor; and I believe he is truly an outstanding U.S. Senator for the people of Virginia," said Veterans for Allen chairman Paul Galanti.

He added, "Just as Jim Webb did when he endorsed George Allen for the Senate in 2000, I'm supporting the best man for the job."

The netrooting Democrats think because Jim Webb is a vet that he will get all the support. The recent American Legion meeting showed them they were wrong.!

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Sgt Leftwich

Yesterday while helping my father at the car wash I had the privilege to meet Sgt Leftwich. He is from Roanoke, Virginia and is a UVA-Wise alumni. He was in on leave from a year in Iraq and he is to return in two months. I asked him to break it down for me and he did by saying we are making gains over there little by little and day by day. I asked about our media coverage of the war and the the troops and we shared the same disgust. I can only imagine how reading the anti war talk impacts this brave man. I hope as he drives that bad ass Mustang around visiting his friends and family that he finds some joy and contentment. I hope he is treated with the respect he deserves. I hope everywhere this young man stops someone thanks him for his service and tells him he is supported in his mission. It saddens me to know that will not happen. I am sure the Sargent will soon forget me but I will not forget him and the 15 mins we shared Saturday. Thank You Sgt Leftwich.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Sen Allen raises $100,000 Yesterday in Richmond!

"Those national liberal Democrats out of Washington and elsewhere, they have no love for me," Allen said after appearing at a Richmond fundraising luncheon with fellow GOP Sen. John Thune of South Dakota. "One needs to be prepared, to keep your guard up, and make sure that we can get our positive, constructive message out to the people of Virginia."

Allen said his campaign raised more than $100,000 at Friday's event with Thune at the Richmond Marriott hotel.(LINK)

Has Webb paid the $100,000 in debts yet? It is obvious that Jim Webb's in deep trouble when it comes to fundraising. Maybe he should take another trip to liberal California to stump for cash. Heh. Today Sen Allen is in Norfolk and another $100,000 is expected to be raised.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Weekend Smile

Last Friday I had this as my weekend smile. Raising Kaine again delivers. This time from the keyboard of Teddy we have this: Red Warning: How to Steal an Election. Teddy thinks those mean ole Republicans are going to steal the 2006 election and there is nothing the democrats can do about it. Get this quote

"It's too late to change things for 2006 but God knows we absolutely must get paper trails that are RELIABLE (they can be hacked, too) or just go back to tedious paper ballots hand marked. This spooks election officials, including honest ones: it places a terrible strain over an exceedingly long day on what are often elderly poll workers."

Sounds like Teddy knows a huge Jim Webb defeat is on the way in November. I will agree with her on that. Thanks for the weekend smile Teddy! My hat is off and my glass is raised to HRConservative for treading the hot coals in the comments on Raising Kaine!!!

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Bush Meets with Democrats


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Allen Campaign Raises $1.8 Million during Second Quarter

ARLINGTON, VA - The reelection campaign of Senator George Allen (R-VA) today announced that it raised $1,800,751 during the period from April 1 - June 30, 2006, bringing its cash on hand total to $6,617,620.

According to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) report filed today, the Allen campaign raised $788,415 during the specific period of May 25 - June 30, 2006. The campaign's total disbursements during this period were $1,733,477, which included a media buy of approximately $1.5 million. Since this election cycle began, the Allen campaign has raised $12,405,298.

Things are looking good for Sen Allen. $1,800,751 in this last period is awesome!

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Blog Net News

Bearing Drift alerts us to a new Blog Aggregator called Blog Net News. This looks cool as it has a few more functions than the other Virginia aggregators.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Born Ducking-Day 27-Quack Quack said the Webb

The Richmond Report states

"It has come to our attention that the Webb campaign has requested a change to the debate format by suggesting the elimination of the candidate's direct questioning of one another," Wadhams wrote. "Our campaign strenuously objects to this abrupt request to remove a fundamental portion of the debate."

The Webb response: Communications Director Kristian Denny-Todd says the Webb campaign made the suggestion in an effort to reduce what she said would otherwise be a very long debate.

"We are not trying to duck any portion of the debate, we're just looking to shave off a little time so that it isn't so long," she said. (Bold Print by Kilo)

What is your hurry Jim? Sounds again like ducking to me. No direct questions, limited topics. I know both sides have demands about the debates. Jim Webb is on record as wanting limited topics and no direct questioning of one another. Quack Quack......Time concerns?

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More Smelly Hippies- No it was not a Jim Webb Rally

I wanted to wait a couple days before I commented on this. Recently smelly hippies protested the power plant in my area. They blocked the road and flopped around like fish singing and chanting. I am sure that worst part was the smell of them not the power plant. One idiot chained himself to a coal truck. My regular readers know that I have worked at this power plant. The police and company allowed this protest to last a few hours before breaking it up with no arrests. As of now they have not returned. Blocking coal trucks is not popular here as Brian comments in his post. I think this group should have been arrested and thrown in jail, then sentenced to pay the lost wages to the truckers and workers they blocked. I would add daily bathing to that for at least one year. You can see some pictures of the scene here. There are some comments on that article. I think you have to do a short register thing. These idiots offered the blocked trucker some money for his lost wages. That is how stupid they are. There was more than one load blocked. That plant receives 100 loads a day from just one mine. They should pay for that. As I read about this group and look at the pictures of them....I wonder how many of them are Republicans? Just a thought. Best comment on smelly hippies

By: Golfguy on 7/11/06
I bet there was more toxic fumes coming from the tree huggers than the plant they were blocking. STONERS!

I repeat that this was a protest and not a Jim Webb rally. My sources say that there was talk from the activists to join the Webb heads. Maybe Lowell will let them stay with him. Jerry adds this.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Diamonds are Forever

Jugband Blues

It's awfully considerate of you to think of me here
And I'm most obliged to you for making it clear that I'm not here
And I never knew the moon could be so big
And I never knew the moon could be so blue
And I'm grateful that you threw away my old shoes
And brought me here instead dressed in red
And I'm wondering who could be writing this song

I don't care if the sun don't shine
And I don't care if nothing is mine
And I don't care if I'm nervous with you
I'll do my loving in the Winter.

And the sea isn't green
And I love the queen
And what exactly is a dream?
And what exactly is a joke?

Words & Music by Syd Barrett

R.I.P. Syd. I have all the old Pink Floyd lp's. This was my favorite Syd Barrett tune. It is off A Saucerful of Secrets released in 68. Wish You Were Here is on the cd player and my glass is almost empty. Shine On You Crazy Diamond was written about Syd. The player is set to replay......

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Dem Watch

I have been a reader of the lefty Counter Currents for a while. This article deserves some attention from both parties. Ned Lamont And The Progressive Democrats: Not Ready For Prime Time By Stanley Rogouski. As you read about the netroots support for Lamont you will see the similarities to Jim Webb here in Virginia. Rogouski writes about the recent debate saying

"Feeble and backpedaling" are precisely the words that come to mind when looking at Ned Lamont's performance against Lieberman. Lamont, who was chosen to represent the anti-war side of the Democratic Party wound up looking like the living embodiment of the contractions of the anti-war side of the Democratic Party. While Lieberman spoke authoritatively from his own experience and forcefully argued for continuing the occupation, Lamont couldn't seem to express an opinion without citing an authority from the military. "General X agrees with me. General Y agrees with me". He stammered and twitched, swallowed his words and shrunk into his own ill-fitting suit as Lieberman moved in for the kill. I think Lieberman might have even used the exact words "backpedaling". "That's the second position you've taken Ned," Lieberman bellowed. "That's the third. That's the fourth. Oh there you go again. That's the fifth position you've taken. What is your position Ned? Oh Ned. That's the sixth position you've taken."

Sound familiar? Pinning Webb down on what his plans are for Iraq is impossible. As I recently commented on another blog - Jim Webb has more positions than the Kama Sutra. The whole of this article shows the mess the Democrats are in. Jim Webb gets a mention. Check this post out for sure because it is the best view I have read about netroots. This is good stuff:

There's no greater insult among progressive Democrats than "purist". It makes you no better than Satan himself, Ralph Nader, and Lamont's supporters will not only fall into line behind Joe Lieberman but also support ultra right wing ex Reagan cabinet member Jim Webb in Virginia against more ultra right wing George Allen. Indeed, right now there's no better audience on earth for a manly square jawed ex military man than the swooning, weak kneed uniform worshiping masses on the Democratic left.

In other words, there is no savior from the Democratic Party. Joe Lieberman nailed him to a cross last week in Connecticut and he's not coming back in three days.

Heh. What a mess.

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