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Friday, September 01, 2006

New Allen Ad and the Webb Campaign lies

You can read more about the National Innovation Act here.
The Webb campaign is spreading the usual falsehoods about this bill. Here are the facts.

(1) Senator Allen did help introduce this legislation. Don’t take my word for it. Senator’s Ensign and Lieberman note it on their Senate pages, as does Innovation Magazine.

“Ensign, along with Senators Joseph Lieberman, Richard Luger and George Allen, introduced the National Innovation Act during a Capitol Hill press conference this afternoon.”

“Joining Ensign and Lieberman as original co-sponsors of the bill were Senators ... George Allen (R-VA)”

“Legislation designed to preserve America’s leadership role in the fields of innovation and technology was introduced late last year by Senators John Ensign, Joseph Lieberman, Richard Luger and George Allen. It’s called the National Innovation Act.”

(2) The bill is not “languish[ing] in the Senate Finance Committee”. The National Innovation Act is being crafted into a comprehensive bill that is on its way to passage.

The National Innovation Act has since been separated by committee jurisdiction, and is going through permutations in order to perfect the bill. Senator Allen has been deeply involved at every step -- including crafting the American Innovation and Competitiveness component of the new, comprehensive bill -- and is working with Senate Leadership on a Comprehensive Bill – the “American Competitiveness Investment Act” that will incorporate the entire National Innovation Act (Commerce and HELP Provisions) and the PACE Act.

(3) It is George Allen’s bill.

Senator Ensign is the chair of the relevant subcommittee, so his name is on the bill. But Senator Allen and his staff helped craft the bill. Both Senator Ensign and the Council on Competitiveness have recognized Senator Allen’s part in this bill and approve of him calling it “my bill”.

In short, the Webb campaign simply doesn’t know what they are talking about. Fortunately, Senator Allen’s efforts are supported by people who do know technology.

Deborah L. Wince-Smith – President, The Council on Competitiveness
“On behalf of the Council's 180 CEOs, university presidents and labor leaders, I applaud the Senators’ efforts and desire to ensure the United States remains the most competitive economic power in the world…We must, as a nation, innovate to compete and to prosper. This legislation is a critical step forward towards that goal” (Council on Competitiveness Press Release, 12/15/2005).

John Lee – Chairman, Northern Virginia Technology Council
“Senator Allen is a strong voice in the Senate for American competitiveness and innovation for the continued growth of the technology economy and a strong advocate for excellence in math, science and technology- related fields…He has been a true leader, champion and advocate for technology” (NVTC Press Release, 4/5/2006).

John Chambers – President and CEO, Cisco Systems
“Senator Allen understands the importance of nurturing and investing in innovation, which is the backbone for economic growth in the United States. He understands the complex issues of technology and provides the leadership necessary for us to stay competitive in the global marketplace. America is lucky to have him in Congress” (TechNet Press Release, 6/6/2006).

Senator Allen received TechNet’s 2006 Founders Circle Award for “outstanding leadership to champion America’s innovation and technology industry.”

John Engler – President, National Association of Manufacturers
Senator Allen has long been a leader on competitiveness issues in the Senate and as governor of Virginia. His announcement of the Competitiveness Caucus comes as great news to the nation's manufacturers…We support every item on this agenda and will work with Senator Allen and others to make it a reality” (Kingsport Times-News, 3/4/2006).
Why is Lowell lying to his readership?

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